This book is the fruit of a 12 year-long quest in search of reconciliation between vital but seemingly irreconcilable realities in the kingdom of God. To seek that reconciliation, I have had to leave my own comfort zone to sojourn through and among totally polarized camps in the body of Christ. The message contained here comes at the end of a search that has taken me to the far corners of that body, large and small, well-known and obscure, open-to-all and exclusive. To make such a journey, I have had to  overcome fear of the unknown, fear of the clearly deviant, and fear of personal unfaithfulness to the Lord in leaving one group to feed among another for a time.


          What you will read is the product of a heart that has been governed by one prayer: "Father, I trust Your Spirit to guide me into ALL truth." Written without haste, this message has been birthed out of long waiting on the proven voice of the Lord. It has come only after repeated seasons of coming in to find meditation,  going out to find exposure to what the Lord is doing in the front-line Church, then waiting again for the settled ripening of my observations.


          As a work of instructional prophecy, the message of this book is a challenge to those with ears to hear. Not everyone nor even most from the various polarized churches and movements I have visited will embrace the word contained here. Many on the front lines of activated ministry are too "drunk" with their  present anointing to hear a word drawing them back to the cross. Others are too addicted to their moldy doctrines of transformation inherited from a bygone era, or too inhibited by reclusive spiritual life to allow God to take them to the anointed forefront of His action in the world.


           Yet there is a genuine hunger and thirst for blended transformation and anointing in the hearts of a new generation ready to "enter the land." There are saints hungry for the preaching and work of the cross who have had all the anointing they can take, yet are empty. There are also saints thirsty for the anointing  who have come to abhor their dryness in the deserts of sanctification, discipleship, and sonship. This book is for you in hopes it may lead to the  satisfying of  your hunger for inward righteousness and the quenching of your thirst for spiritual power in this life.


          Someday, when the reunion of the restored works of transformation and anointing is revealed in a complete, glorified Church, this book will perhaps become irrelevant. Until that time, I offer it to the Lord as one more stone by which He may bridge the gap between today's incompleteness and tomorrow's perfection. At the same time, I open this book to proving and testing by anyone with an honest heart, confident that such a person will discover a wholeness in what is written, one  that will minister to gaps in his own life on the road to glory. 


                                      Chris Anderson

                                      Merrimack,  New Hampshire

                                      July 1994





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