December 3, 1989


Have you noticed the negative spiritual electric charge in the air? Have you noticed how things are not as they used to be in society? Have you noticed the invisible glow that surrounds mankind on its way to and from work every day—this charge of spirit energizing man with great hype and tension, feverish action, stress without end?

    Have you noticed how it is virtually impossible to talk to mankind about the gospel, how man’s attention is bombarded and captured by the sight and sound of electronic media, how man’s relationships are threadbare and unstable, held together by nothing but temporal necessity? Why is this, and what does it signify?

    There’s something we have to realize about what has been unleashed upon us in this final hour and how it works. Here is what has happened:

    1 Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. 2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. 3 Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And they were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man. Revelation 9

    We have all seen air pollution over cities. We have heard of killer viruses and diseases. These however are only visible counterparts of a true spiritual pollution and infection that has been released upon mankind from the bottomless pit in this generation.  

    It is this release which is responsible for the invisible electric charge now operating throughout mankind, this intangible pulsating and throbbing of impersonal spiritual energy now coursing through the veins of world society. To appreciate how this is happening, we have to understand the way demonic spiritual activity operates.

    Demons are repeatedly pictured in scripture as insects and organisms like serpents, scorpions, locusts, flies. They are insects that are drawn to and poison human blood. Human blood is the carrier of natural life (“the life of the flesh is in the blood.” Lev. 17). The truth is that demons thrive on human blood with its natural life.

    What has happened as a result of the fifth trumpet is this: with the unleashing of the demonic hordes from the bottomless pit has come a mass invasion of demonic energy into the human bloodstream. This invasion is the cause of the hyper-negative electric current of spiritual energy now charging mankind. The charge is emanating directly from within the soul of man himself as he has now been invaded.

    This charge of energy in the human bloodstream is the direct cause of many, many things. It is the cause for the great tension of corporate ambition and “ladder climbing” pervading the west—with all its attendant stress. It is manifest through everything from the great traffic jams around “128” in Boston to the bombardment of the airwaves through the incessant media of television, radio, cable and satellite transmissions.

    This same charge is responsible for all the civic unrest in Eastern Europe and the ethnic unrest of the various Russian republics, not to mention the remaining hotspots of guerilla actions in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa and others on the verge of explosion in the Middle East again.

    The negative demonic charge in human blood is also responsible for the incredible scientific and science fiction creations seen through the technology explosion. This includes everything from the unpaceable computer industry, giving us our array of gadgets, to the science fiction imaginations portrayed through television series such as Star Trek.

    You have heard the saying, “it makes my blood boil.” What we are witnessing right this very moment is the literal spiritual boiling of the human bloodstream through mass demonic invasion. Like many physical diseases (such as AIDS), this spiritual infection is one which has had its “latent” stages (in earlier generations) but now, in its “terminal” stage, is manifesting itself more-or-less openly through the entire race.

    That’s what the demonic invasion is all about. The conditions of the human soul worldwide have come to the point that what was a “latent” infection all along has now become a full-blown manifest infection through mass demonic invasion.

    How did this come about? Romans 1:28ff answers the question:

    “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind [through mass demonic invasion], to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness…”

    The truth is that humanity-at-large has given invitation to this invasion through its repeated rejection of God in the last few generations. Now we are witnessing the beginnings of the terminal stage. This situation will not improve. It will only grow worse until the final restraints on humanity are released and, as it is said, “all hell breaks loose.”

    It should be obvious in view of this pulsating energy through society now that all of our “conventional evangelical” methods for converting the world were failures from the beginning and are now proven irrelevant. Radio and television preaching, for example, is a farce. (Who’s listening? Who cares?) The same is true of book writing and record making and “church constructing.”

    Except for the occasional soul who is won to Christ through these avenues, this Star Trek generation throbbing with boiling blood does not even notice these vain efforts at “evangelizing the world.” This leads us to the questions 1) Why have these methods failed, and 2) what is the significance of this energy-infection in the human bloodstream for the Christian?


    Spiritual Blood Transfusion: The Only Hope for Salvation, the Only Basis of Clear Testimony

    The reason that the conventional methods of evangelizing the world were doomed to failure from the start is because the bloodstream of the church has for generations by-and-large remained as latently infected as the world. Moreover, because the church has retained this infection—now that the demonic energy has been released en masse, it is thriving on the body of the church—the superficial moral and doctrinal structure of the church is being reduced to shreds!

    The Christians are bound and enslaved to the very demonic energy for which they have the supposed key for freedom. Western churches and Christians are being destroyed and falling away “like flies” for inability to resist the negative power surge having invaded society and now equally invading them.

    Christians are caught up in the tidal wave of negative spiritual energy. They are pawns in the wars between corporations and businesses. Their homes are slaves to the powers of the airwaves and the computers—television, radio, video, Nintendo games. They are “stressing out” with the demands and pressures generated by this energy.

    Moreover, because their bloodstreams are as subject to this energy as the world’s is, and with the sudden tidal surge released through the 5th trumpet, they are no longer able to keep hidden the secret powers of sin that have been retained in their souls. Ministers especially are giving in by the droves to what were once the most abhorred sins—even homosexuality!

    Parallel to this is the great doctrinal warping, skewing, and tangential teaching taking place. Ministries beginning with the right spirit are going “wacko” with all sorts of off-base teaching because of the effects of this demonic surge in the bloodstream like never before.


    All this brings us to where we should have been all along, but have never dealt with as a whole as a complete body anywhere in the world in a single generation. Namely, we must face what has always been our need for an ongoing spiritual blood transfusion through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Having said this, it is time to take a serious look at some familiar but vital passages if we are to escape the effects of this demonic invasion, stay clean, and come up with a clear Christian testimony and witness before this terminal generation. Here they are…read carefully:

    “For the life of the flesh is in the blood…He that loses his life for my sake shall find it… For the life of all flesh is the blood thereof… If any man come to me, and hate not—his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”  Lev. 17:11; Lk. 9:24; Lev. 17:14; Lk. 14:26

    “Unless you eat of the flesh of the son of man, and drink of His blood, you shall have no life within you. Whoso eats my flesh and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day, For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eats my flesh and drinks my blood dwells in me, and I in him.  Jn. 6:53-56


    After the same manner also He took the cup, when He had supped saying, This cup is the New Testament in my blood: this do, as oft as you drink it, in remembrance of me. I Cor. 11:25


    How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?—Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water—the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin—He that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.  Heb. 9:14; 10:22; I Jn. 1:6; I Pt. 4:1

    We understand that the blood of Christ purchased eternal life for us. What we don’t understand is that that life was in that blood, and that blood was shed, therefore, that it might become our blood by a mysterious process of spiritual transfusion. By “drinking” of that blood we might be cleansed, revived, regenerated with the eternal life of God in that blood. To “drink” is to absorb into one’s system. Jesus shed His blood that we might absorb its life into our system.

    But before we can absorb Christ’s blood with its eternal life into our system, we have to first lose our natural life. We must be emptied and drained of the natural life in our bloodstream with its inherent sin stain.

    Yet this is precisely what we have failed to do—as a body, and as a church in the world. We have failed to allow the sword of God’s Word to touch our natural life in our bloodstream. We have failed to drink in its place the blood of Christ with His eternal life which gives us the true knowledge of God and cleanses the interior of our soul from our original sinful life.

    And now that the demonic invasion has been unleashed upon the bloodstream of the world, we find ourselves throbbing with the same energy!—trapped by the power flow of world events, unable to escape, unable to be different, unable to live with the life of Christ.

    We just don’t have it—at least not in any measure that is able to save us from the consequences of being possessors of natural life. We—our bodies—our blood—are hosts for that same energy.

    It’s because people aren’t having their bloodstream dealt with that their spiritual encounters are taking them deeper and deeper into the dead end realms of metaphysics, but not into the knowledge of God! This knowledge only increases through the infusion of the blood of Jesus Christ into our systems, which in turn only comes as we allow the Word to slit our soul-arteries to drain out our natural life—which is suffering.

    But the church has always refused to die. Therefore no matter how much spiritual illumination it receives, that illumination works to no profit, but itself becomes subject to the poison of natural life still residing in us. It becomes warped and corrupted.

    And now with the demonic invasion activating the bloodstream, Christians no sooner receive spiritual illumination or power from the Holy Spirit that they go “wacko” with it—off into the skewiest cultic directions with it. And that is what is happening especially now through the masses of “uncrucified” Christians who compose the “faith” movements and the “kingdom now” movements at large.

    For generations we’ve been pandering a sick gospel—a gospel whose works have been based on the dead works of natural life energy instead of the infusion of eternal life of Christ through the shed blood which cleanses our conscience from dead works. And now that the demonic energy has been released upon the human bloodstream, not only does it show up the utter irrelevance of the “natural-life dead-works” gospel, but the church itself is overcome by that same pulsating energy.


    The Church’s Blood Must be Purged First

    If all this is so, then what is the only way the Church can develop a true testimony in the world to this final generation? The answer is: the Church must start availing itself of the blood of Christ through the systematic loss of its own natural life force.

    In other words, the only hope of the church is to die. For some this will mean actual martyrdom, the actual shedding of blood to the ground. But for everyone it means the shedding of natural life out of the bloodstream through the operation of the Word of God.

    Once the Church becomes a living sacrifice, losing natural life (with all that entails), and then imbibes the blood of Christ with His eternal Life to replace its own—then it will be a testimony—a clearly distinct organism in the earth, having the clear, unsullied seal and identity of the Living One.

    (We’ve already talked about pure identity before. This blood transfusion is at the heart of that process. It is the increasing cleansing flow of the blood of Christ through our souls that transforms our identity consciousness toward sonship in Christ. And it is this clear sense of distinct identity by which we have our testimony before the world.)

    Not until this transfusion process becomes real to us will we have that identity, or have a gospel that converts, or be free from the powers of the negative spiritual invasion which thrive upon natural soul-life in human blood. And as long as we retain our natural life, our supposed “advances” in the knowledge of God through access to spiritual gifts, anointings, and other powers will only work to our quick subversion unto cultism as the demonic powers operating in our bloodstream take us off into wild tangents, channeling such powers unto their own strengthening in our blood (i.e., soul).

    Dear brothers and sisters, look about you. You see the way things are in the world, in the church, and in your own lives. You know the things I am saying are true. You see the demonic power surge in the world-at-rush. You see the church in shambles, helpless before this surge, ensnared by it. And you see how your own life is touched by the pulls of this forceful energy.

    What then? Now is the time more than ever to commit ourselves to the reality of being living sacrifices, responding to the word of God planted in our souls, letting it shed our blood-life out of our bodies (with whatever sufferings that may require), and then absorbing Christ’s life through His shed blood, cleansing us of all sin, letting His spirit “quicken” our mortal bodies—if it be possible, enduring unto obtaining the “out-resurrection” of our bodies, even at that great translation!

    This is our only hope of salvation amidst this evil generation.

    Hold fast the true faith!

    March 24, 2004

    POST SCRIPT – Tree of Life: Healing for the Nations in the Ages to Come


    1 Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, 2 in the middle of its street. On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Revelation 22

    The significance of the promised Tree of Life whose leaves will be used to heal the nations becomes clear when understood in context of the blood healing of the overall body of mankind from the effects of demonic invasion in the current ages. In this context, we are not seeing individuals or even individual “nations,” but the peoples as a whole.

    The leaves of the Tree of Life (who is Christ) will convey the life properties of the Blood of Christ to the body of mankind.  The bloodstream of mankind is what is diseased now, and yet in the age(s) of perfection to come, will yet carry the “memory” of past traumas experienced by the human race in the ages before the New Heavens and New Earth.

    The blood retains a certain memory. That memory is passed down through the generations and requires healing, even where the actualities are not hostile to the people of the later times. We have the power now through a pure gospel to minister such healing on a smaller scale.

    But in the ages to come, advanced means for bringing about the healing of the blood memory of future generations from the past traumatic ravages of sin and demonic invasion will be administered through the leaves of the Tree of Life. The leaves will bring the immediate transfusions of the Life of Christ’s blood necessary to heal and remove the natural blood memories still remaining from Adam’s lineage.

    The healing of the blood memories of remaining Adamic peoples through the leaf transfusion process answers to the promise of the Lord that in that day, all the “former things will be forgotten.” This process is how they will be forgotten.

    Chris Anderson
    written at Merrimack, New Hampshire

    First Love Ministry
    a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship