[the second plague]


When Pharaoh refused to let the people of Israel go free, Moses and Aaron were commanded to lift the rod over the same waters which had previously been turned to blood. Thus we are seeing the result of the same condition of emo­tional instability in those who have been turned over to the delusions of their sense knowledge, and obsessed by Satanic spirits. And what is that result, says the Lord. Frogs came up out of the waters and covered the land of Egypt, enter­ing into the houses of all the people. (Ex. 8:5-6, 11). This is a symbolic portrayal of the second plague of judgment which is to come upon the inhabitants of the earth in the end time. Because of the instability of the times, and the susceptibility of the people to all kinds of emotional on­slaughts, there shall come forth all kinds of isms, teachings, cults, pseudo-religious movements, quasi-front groups subtly promoting extremist positions and causes of all kinds, oppor­tunists and quacks, subversives with their blatant propaganda, government protagonists in autocratic rule, science deifiers, and atheistic and agnostic hucksters of all kinds of libertine thought and conduct. These are the 'frogs' with their croak­ing; 'doctrines of devils' preying upon every segment of society; invading the houses and even the bed chambers and beds of rulers, people and servants. (Ex. 8:3)


Because of this plague Pharaoh relented momentarily, calling for Moses and Aaron and giving them permission to go and sacrifice unto their God. (Ex. 8:8). Here is an indica­tion, says the Lord, of that which will be taking place during the end-time judgments. In the midst of all the 'croaking' of the frogs, a certain segment of people will begin to turn in earnest to their God, causing Satan to lose his grip on many. The fact that Pharaoh 'hardens' his heart again indi­cates Satan's attempt to counter this move of God by streng­thening his hold on the majority of the people and also by instigating persecution against those who are turning to right­eousness. The fact that the frogs died out of the houses and out of the villages and out of the fields is a type of three groups which will enter into the ways of truth, turning from the ways of deceit and godless living. (Ex.8:13). The houses represent the 100-fold Christians, the villages the 60-fold Christians, and the open fields the 30-fold Christians. The degree of their turning away from unrighteousness and error, and the extent to which they ENTER INTO the truth and be­ing of Christ, will determine their grouping. From the open field of the 30-fold they can progress to the village of the 60-fold, and finally into the house of the 100-fold. Each step brings a more intimate contact and association with the living Christ, for in the symbolic picture, intimacy of con­tact would naturally increase as one progressed from the open field, through the village, and into the house.



[the third plague]


Now you will notice, says the Lord, that suddenly a third plague came upon Egypt without warning. (Ex. 8:16). Aaron stretched forth his rod and smote the dust of the earth. Out of the dust came forth lice upon man and upon beast. Now what does this symbolize for the end time? Does it not show, says the Lord, the mysterious diseases and afflic­tions which will come upon the inhabitants of the earth be cause of their lawless and godless ways? Again it is the stretching forth of the rod, the preaching of the Word of tru­th which is shunned and rejected, that causes judgment to fall. Doctors will not be able to cope with the situation, as unprecedented maladies attack both men and animals. This is the meaning of the statement that the magicians of Egypt tried to bring forth lice but were unable to do so. (Ex. 8:18). All the serums devised by the ‘wise men’ of the time will produce no inoculation. Many men of the medical profession will frankly admit the need of turning to God for an answer, even as the magicians of Egypt said 'this is the finger of God.’ (Ex. 8:19). During the two preceding plag­ues, the magicians of Egypt were able to produce with their enchantments. (Ex. 7:22, 8:7). This means that the 'wise men' of the latter day will have a measure of success in deal­ing with the first two plagues: the emotional violence lead­ing to bloodshed, and the multitudinous 'croaking' of con­flicting Interests, They will employ their 'enchantments' of psychology, psychiatry, mental health, pacification, won­der drugs, shock treatments, social therapy and clinics. By these measures they will be able to help maintain a measure of immunization from the effects of plagues one and two. But when the third plague strikes with increasing ferocity, and multitudes of humans and animals are affected by diverse maladies, the ‘wise men' of medicine will soon find that their methods of treatment are not getting results. Many will say, 'only God can intervene and save much life from per­ishing.


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