[the fourth plague]


Will you not look with me at the fourth plague, says the Lord? This one is of particular importance because I did sever the land of Goshen where my people were dwelling that they might receive protection. And will I not protect in this last day from the effects of this plague those who put their complete trust in me? You will note, says the Lord, that this plague did not come as a result of Aaron's rod be­ing lifted up. But it came as an immediate providential judgment as a SIGN to Pharaoh and the Egyptians of the supre­macy of the living God. (Ex. 8:22-23). And what shall I do in this last day, says the Lord, which will demonstrate that I am in charge of the affairs of the earth and of all man­kind? It will not come primarily as a result of the people's refusal to hear the Word of truth. But it will come to VIN­DICATE the Name of Jesus Christ. It will be part of my strategy to bring my people to their knees and to speed up the work which I will be doing by My Spirit in a people of my choosing.


Just before the plague falls, there will be the divid­ing. The dividing will be two-fold.  First, I will divide or separate 144,000 of the choicest of my saints and suddenly remove them from the physical realm into the spiritual or heavenly realm. Their physical bodies shall be suddenly translated into glorified bodies. The taking of these 144,000 firstfruits (Rev. 14:1), will cause a further division to take place. Those who are truly mine shall immediately recog­nize the significance of what has taken place. Without hes­itation they shall turn to me with their whole heart and seek me as never before. After a short time of earnest peti­tion, my Spirit shall be poured out in a mighty deluge of power. The effect of these stunning spiritual developments will be to DIVIDE those who truly mean business with me and those who have been mere professors. As never before there will be clear cut lines of demarcation between those who are truly all-out Christians and those who want to make a pre­tense with a form of godliness. This is the meaning of the severance of the land of Goshen from Egypt . (Ex. 8:22-23). Egypt is a type of this world ruled by Lucifer the prince of darkness. Goshen thus becomes a type of those who have completely renounced Lucifer's kingdom and have been re­generated into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Those of the land of Goshen , symbolically speaking, will then be com­pletely protected from all succeeding plagues. This will be possible through the supernatural ministry of the 144,000 glorified saints who will be on constant duty and who will have the power to appear and speak words of guidance and help.


Immediately following the 'dividing' there shall come the fourth plague as on Egypt. Is it not written that there was a grievous swarm of flies? (Ex. 8:24). Now what, says the Lord, does this signify? It is simply the aftermath of judgmental DIVISION which takes place by the power of my Spirit. The plague cannot be separated from the 'dividing:' it is one judgment. Those who are mine in the symbolic land of Goshen are not affected by this aftermath because they shall have entered into the reality and assurance of my Spirit. They shall know where they stand and what the future holds for them. But those who are still a part of Lucifer's kingdom in the spirit of Egypt's land will be in a state of utter con­fusion. They will seek for answers but will have none. Yet they will still be too much in love with the world and the things of the world to turn from their unrighteous ways. The ‘flies' in Egypt were a terrible annoyance but were not ac­tually destructive. They entered the houses of the Egyptians until their houses were full of them. (Ex. 8:21). The house again becomes a type of intimate relationship. Even so are the files a type of the torments, fears, uncertainties, resent­ments and inward disturbances which will be the lot of those who will have become aware of the mighty 'division' which will have been enacted. Yet they will be too willfully car­nal to change their ways. This 'tormenting' situation will be the direct result of my strategic maneuvers.


Though not wanting to abandon their worldly ways, there will be large numbers who will become increasingly interested and concerned about spiritual things—fearing their own safety and future. This is pictured by Pharaoh again seeming to relent and giving permission for the Heb­rews to sacrifice to their God. But note, says the Lord. Pharaoh wants them to sacrifice in the land of Egypt rather than going into the wilderness. (Ex. 8:25). This is a type of compromise-Christianity which many will want. But Moses stands firm, for he knows that their sacrifice must include the 'abomination of the Egyptians' which the Egyptians will not tolerate. (Ex. 8:26). This is none other than the 'Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world.' (Rev. 13:8). Sheep were abominable to the Egyptians. The anti-typical fulfillment is simply this: my true servants in this day will not stand for any compromise form of Christianity which elim­inates the necessity of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ as God's lamb. Because of this uncompromising position, my true servants will have to go three days into the wilderness. (Ex. 8:27). These three days picture in round numbers the approximate three years of great tribulation which is coming on the earth. There will be much tribulation before that, but the three years will be the most intense part. The ‘wild­erness’ is a type of the testing through persecution which will be the lot of all those who remain true to their God, unwill­ing to compromise with the 'Egyptians' of this world. Pharaoh again relents slightly saying 'go and sacrifice in the wilder­ness but don't go very far.' (Ex. 8:28). This pictures the fact that there will be continued attempts to get the Christ­ians to compromise. After the initial shock of the realiza­tion that 144,000 Christians have been taken begins to sub­side, and the torments and fears have been somewhat allayed, then shall the worldly become more confirmed in their ways. This is pictured by Pharaoh hardening his heart again. (Ex. 8:32).


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