"Is it not written, says the Lord, that 'in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished?’ (Rev. 10:7). And is not the seventh angel now preparing to sound his trumpet? For I say unto you that five of the angels have already sound­ed their initial blasts and the sixth is about to sound; then shall the seventh follow shortly, for the time is hastening and the tempo of events is rapidly growing in momentum. With reference to those trumpets which have already begun to sound, why do I say initial blasts? Because that which is the beginning or initial blast of each trumpet sets in motion that which is to unfold on the world scene as a result of its sounding. But that which is portrayed in the scriptures as taking place under the sounding of each trumpet, does not find its complete fulfillment until all of the trumpets have sounded. The sound of each trumpet initiates events and for­ces which carry through the entire end-time period, so that when the second trumpet begins to blast, that which was un­leashed under the first trumpet is still in motion and continu­ing, and when the third trumpet begins to blow, that which was unleashed by the second trumpet continues its march on the pages of history. Thus it is with each trumpet, so that by the time the last or seventh trumpet begins its blast, all the previous six trumpets are still sounding and will continue to sound until a mighty crescendo is reached in the climax of all things. Therefore hear my word: that which is un­leashed by the successive trumpets continues until the end, and each successive trumpet overlaps the blowing of the pre­vious trumpet or trumpets.


Now look to me, says the Lord, and I will reveal to you that which is about to take place on the earth at the blowing of the seventh trumpet. For when this comes to pass, it will cause the final veil to be removed and all men shall see clearly that which has been a mystery up to that moment in human history. But I say, how can you fully understand that which is unveiled under the seventh trumpet unless you are given an insight into the events which lead up to it which have their inception under the six preceding trumpets.   Therefore, hear my Word as I reveal to you the sounding of the trumpets in this end-time.


Was not the trumpet used in ancient times to sound a warning? Was it not also used to call my people together that they might receive my instructions and be ready to move on in that which I would show them? (Num. 10:1-9). Even so is it now in the fulfillment of this pattern. The trumpets have been sounding in this end-time, bringing to pass cer­tain events on the world scene, to signal the warning that the judgment of all things is at hand and the wind-up of this age is rapidly drawing near. Coupled with the unfolding of these events is the fact that I have been moving by my Spirit in a special way to call my people together that they might be readied for the grand climax of all things. I have been showing to my people that which I desire for this end-time in a BODY which shall go forth in power to reap a great har­vest to me; a BODY which shall be anointed even as Jesus was anointed in His day to do mighty works. And as this BODY fulfills its mission, so will it be made ready to cross over into the promised land to receive the fullness of that which has been prepared for those who are called and chosen and faithful. (Rev. 17:14).


[the first trumpet]


But first hear my word concerning the trumpets. You shall turn to the book of Revelation (chapters 8 & 9) and let me speak to you concerning that which transpires under the first six trumpets. You shall notice, says the Lord, that the first angel sounds following the casting of fire on the earth (8:5-7). Now what does this mean? It means that man discovered the secret of the atom and its mighty fire-power under the blowing of the first trumpet. For it was both during end after the world conflict which sow the first explosion of an atomic bomb, that the events unleashed under the first trumpet began to unfold. Now listen, says the Lord. You shall notice that a third part of the trees were burned up under the blowing of this trumpet (8:7). Again let it be said that the blowing of a trumpet unleashes certain forces and brings to pass certain episodes which continue to the end. The fact that succeeding trumpets blow after the events of the first trumpet begin, does not mean that the first trumpet is through blowing. Each trumpet continues to sound to the end. Therefore that which is unleashed under the first trumpet is the power of the atom's destruction, which shall eventually destroy one-third of the population of the earth and devastate completely one-third of the nations on the face of the earth. And because it is recorded that fire and hail are mixed with blood (8:7), it indicates that the fiery blasts of man shall be mixed with the blast of the breath of Almighty God as much water is vaporized by the intense heat which is created by the atom's explosion and congealed in the frosty heights above. Then as it is congealed, it will des­cend in the form of hailstones which will be mixed with the fire of the exploding atoms and the blood of multitudes who will be slain.


In that it says that all of the green grass was burned up (8:7), it indicates that all the inhabitants of the earth will be affected mightily by the devastation of the atom's fury. All shall be scorched or burned in one way or another - all except those who are protected by their God. Those who are under the covenant seal of their God do not come under the symbolism of the green grass which is a type of all car­nal flesh. (Isa. 40:6-7). The fact that one-third of the pop­ulation will die because of the atom's explosion, does not mean that only one-third of the earth's inhabitants will be destroyed. For there will be many other types of destruc­tion which will take a heavy toll of life.


[the second trumpet]


Read now of that which takes place under the second trumpet and I will show you what it portrays. Is it not written that a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea? (8:8). What does this mountain represent? A mountain in the scripture is a type of a nation or kingdom (Isa. 2:2-3). Thus a great mountain would be a great or leading nation in the earth. Where do you find in the earth a nation which is great enough to fulfill this description? Think not that greatness is to be equated with size or land mass; neither with numbers of people. There is only one nation which can ade­quately fulfill the designation given and that is theUnited States of America. Now why, says the Lord, will this na­tion, so great in its Christian tradition to be able to give direction and example to the entire world, be cast into the sea? And how will this take place? Is it not written that to whom much is given much is required? (Luke 12:48). What nation on the earth has received more in material wealth than America? What nation has been blessed with such an abundance that most other nations are paupers in comparison? What other nation has been so blessed in scien­tific achievement and accomplishment in the undoing of the burdensome toil that man has known for millenniums of time? What nation besides America has received as great an under­standing and enlightenment from the Word of God through many movings of the Spirit of God unto the blessings of un­told thousands? But what has America done? She has failed miserably in her stewardship. Therefore she shall be judged severely. And what shall this judgment be? It shall be that which shall arise from within her own borders. Think not that America will escape destruction from without; for many bombs and missiles shall fall upon this land. But the primary judgment upon America will be the turmoil and unrest that will arise from within, plunging that nation into a 'sea' of confusion and strife. For the 'sea' is a type of masses of peo­ple in agitation and revolution. Already there are signs of this turmoil and unrest evident in many places and segments of society, for I say to you that the trumpet of judgment has already been blown, and the inevitable falling of this great nation into a sea of revolution is now in its initial stages.


Does it not also say that as a result of the mountain's fall a third part of the sea became blood, and a third part of the creatures in the sea died, and a third part of the ships were destroyed? (8:8-9). Hear now my word. The sea is a type of peoples, and ships are a type of local governments which are in the midst of the sea of peoples. Even so does this portray the fact that one-third of the people in this na­tion shall be embroiled in such serious conflict that they will become a menace to the very life of the nation, and the governing bodies represented by the ships will be so com­pletely overwhelmed that law and order will be completely disrupted in many states and areas, causing a chaotic condition unprecedented in the history of the nation. Violence shall erupt in many places as strife and unrest increases among the masses of the peoples. One out of every three persons shall be involved in one way or another in such violent dis­ruption that the very existence of the nation will be threat­ened. Then shall come the necessity of clamping an all-powerful dictatorship upon the inhabitants of this land with absolute controls in every facet of life. This will continue as the nation is involved, not only in unprecedented civil strife, but also in increasing peril from without. Only a great awakening and spiritual revival among certain seg­ments of the nation will keep the nation from being com­pletely inundated by the waters of internal turmoil. For truly a once great nation shall fall into the 'sea' of conflict which will mean the end of an era, says the Lord.


You will note that it is a great mountain 'burning with fire' that is cast into the sea (8:8). The fire is a type of the inflamed passions with which the people will become engulf­ed, and the burning desires which will become an obsession to multitudes. It will be these insatiable and unrequited 'burnings' of lust, greed, avarice, jealousy and hatred which will pit class against class, race against race, employee against employer, people against government and people against religion, and people in general against one another in one mad orgy of lawlessness and violence. This will be the direct result of the moral and spiritual decay which has been eating away at the vitals of the nation for many years. The 'flames' will be continually fanned by subversive ele­ments which have become entrenched in the nation in almost every segment of society.


You will also notice, says the Lord, that the third part of the 'creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died.' (8:9). The ‘sea’ is not only a type of masses of people in turmoil; but water, whether in the sea or otherwise, is a type of the human soul with its emotions and desires. Even as water is unstable, so is the human soul unstable when uncontrolled by reason and righteous judgment (see Gen. 49:4). The creatures in the sea are a type of the entire gamut of emotions and desires which 'swim' in the human soul. Usually an emotion or desire does not have 'life' unless it is stimu­lated or stirred up in one way or another. When 'made alive' such emotions and desires have great power unto either evil or good. The picture before us is one of base emotions and desires being stirred up or 'made alive' unto evil and destruc­tion. Thus they are potential 'killer' of the peace and well being of others. This is the meaning of the statement that the third part of the creatures which had life, or which were made alive, died. The only way an emotion or desire which is stimulated unto life can die, from a carnal perspective, is to give vent to it until its strength is spent and it abates into silence. Thus it will be unto a once great nation which has lost its moorings, and to a people who are no longer an­chored to the faith of their fathers.


[the third trumpet]


Now you shall consider the third trumpet, says the Lord. Is it not written that a great star fell from heaven onto the rivers and fountains of waters? (8:10). What is this star, says the Lord? You shall notice that the star falls on that which feeds the greater bodies of water: the rivers and foun­tains, or springs, of water. Since waters are a type of peo­ples, it shows that the very leaders and fountain-heads of society are affected by this star which is called wormwood. This star, burning as a lamp, is none other than the Commu­nist scourge. Its ‘lamp’ is none other than the false idealism which masquerades as true light, but is indeed a deception and counterfeit. And because of this deceptive idealism it is almost always the educated classes, the leaders of society, who first fall under its influence and succumb to its propa­ganda. This is why the star is seen as falling on the springs or fountains and upon the rivers which eventually reach the larger bodies of water. The masses of people are reached with the deceptive philosophy of communism only because the educated classes first embrace it in its propaganda phases. Once communist indoctrinated leaders gain control in a na­tion or among a people, the idealism, which was so prominent in their thinking in their initial contact with communism, begins to fade; and the latent lust for power, subtly em­bedded in every unregenerated person, begins to raise its ugly head. Especially is this true among those who are taught, as the communists are, that there is no God. Without God, expediency and often unrestrained license replace truth and moral values. The result is tyranny and ruthless suppression of freedom. Then it is that the 'wormwood' phase of the star is seen. Wormwood is a bitter plant that grows in the desert. The waters which became bitter represent the inevitable aftermath of a communist takeover. (8:11). That which was presented as the ultimate in idealism and emancipation for the people becomes instead a bitter experience, as that which was promised does not materialize and the lot of the people becomes even more desperate than ever. It truly is bitterness in the waters, or souls, of men.


In that a third of the waters became wormwood, it indicates that a third of the population of the world will come fully under the communist scourge through the take­over of governments by leaders who are completely sold out to the communist conspiracy. Most other nations will be affected by communism in its propaganda and revolutionary phases, but not completely taken over. Yet because of fear, almost all nations will seek an accommodation with commu­nism in one way or another. And because of tremendous in­ternal pressures, most nations will submit to coalition gov­ernments, with communists playing an instrumental role in the life of the nations; thus creating instability and continuous strife. The 'strife' phase is seen in the statement that many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter (8:11). Many men shall resist the communist takeover of their nations and die in their efforts. Since the 'great star' is seen falling from heaven, it symbolizes the fact that com­munism is of supernatural origin. It emanates from the invis­ible realms of Satanic dominion; the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places (Ephes. 6:12). It is the result of Satanic influence and deception.


[the fourth trumpet]


Look now, says the Lord, at the unveiling of the fourth trumpet. Is it not written that a third part of the sun, and a third part of the moon, and a third part of the stars were smitten? (8:12). And does it not say that a third part of each was darkened because of this? And does this not in­dicate that which will affect a certain segment of nations? You have already seen, says the Lord, that which will affect all the inhabitants of the earth under the first trumpet, with the unleashing of atomic destruction; you have seen the sec­ond trumpet and its fulfillment in the United States of Amer­ica; you have seen a third of the earth's inhabitants coming under the complete power of communism under the third trum­pet; now consider that there is another portion of the human race which will be affected by the blowing of the fourth trumpet. What is it, says the Lord? You shall look and behold that which shall take place on the continent of Europe in the days that are ahead. For truly, the fourth angel has already sounded the initial blast and the stage is being set for its complete fulfillment. It shall be exceedingly dark as the forces unleashed by the fourth trumpet take their toll. Does it not say that the sun was smitten? The sun is a sym­bol of Christianity, and in that a third part of the sun is smitten, it indicates that the portion of the Christian world which has its stronghold in Europe shall be darkened as rev­olutionary forces rise up within the nations of Europe to des­troy the traditional forms of Christianity which have long been entrenched in the life of the people. This will include both Catholic and Protestant bodies. For none shall escape as the forces of darkness rise up to put out the light of the sun, and also strike at the moon and the stars. What does this mean, says the Lord? It means that the moon and the stars will be darkened even as the sun is darkened. For the moon, which reflects the light of the sun, is a type of the state, which reflects or gives support to the church; and the stars are a type of the leaders in both church and state who will feel the impact of the forces of darkness rising up against them. Thus the church-state combination, which has been entrenched in Europe for centuries, will be completely dis­rupted. The sun, moon, and stars will be darkened to the extent that the church-state relationships which exist in both Catholic and Protestant groups will no longer be tolerated. For violent forces will arise within the nations of Europe to completely overthrow the existing order of things. The stars: those high in political and religious offices who benefit from the church—state relationship, who long have had favored positions in the existing system of things, will be suddenly cast out of their privileged sanctums,


Does it not say that the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise? (8:12). Now what does this mean? It means that for four years there shall be extreme strife in Europe. For a third part of a day of 12 hours is 4 hours; and I appoint an hour for a year. And in that it speaks of both the day and the night, I do double the witness of that which shall be. For the double into the night as well as the day indicates the extremity of that which shall come on the nations of Europe as both church and state—sun and moon—are violently disrupted by the darkening effects of that which is coming. Therefore consider what I say, for even now are the forces arising which will bring these things to pass.


[the fifth trumpet*]

[Ed Note: this trumpet is detailed further in the prophecy The Fifth Trumpet published earlier in the third volume of Prepare Ye the Way and was reproduced at the end of this booklet as well]


Now hear, says the Lord. The scripture says that fol­lowing the blowing of the fourth trumpet, an angel flies through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice 'woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitants of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels which are yet to sound.' (8:13). This is because of the intensity of turmoil and conflict which comes with the blowing of each succeeding trumpet. The intensity of the developing world crises is a result of that which is unleashed under the fifth trumpet. Have I not spoken to you concerning this before? (Note: see the separate prophecy in this booklet entitled ‘The Fifth Trumpet’). Therefore hear that which I have spoken and con­sider, for I need not repeat that which has already been made known to you. But I shall now give additional details of that which transpires as a result of the blowing of the fifth trum­pet. You shall notice, says the Lord, that the forces un­leashed from the pit, even the forces of Satan, arise as smoke to darken the sun and pollute the air (9:2). Does not this show that Satan and his hosts will work through human agen­cies to corrupt the truth of Christianity, represented by the sun, by all kinds of error and deceivable doctrines of devils in this day? Is not this now being fulfilled in the apostasy of liberalism and modernism which has completely destroyed the true gospel in vast segments of the so-called Christian populace? And is not the pollution of the air a type of the contamination of people's thoughts with all kinds of filth and perversion? Even so are the forces of the nether world bring­ing great darkness upon the earth as they work to subvert the Christian message, and also to pervert the thinking of people into ways of godlessness and unbridled pleasure.


You will also notice, says the Lord, that the forces of the nether world are pictured as locusts with the sting of scorpions, and they were commanded not to hurt the grass or any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men who have not the seal of God in their foreheads (9:3-4). Now what does this mean? There is a difference between being subverted by these evil spirits and being 'hurt' by them. The 'hurt' refers to actual physical harm or destruction which will come later (9:10) as the spirits are given the authority and the means to precipitate vast numbers into physical con­flict. But first there will be subversion, and the grass and trees, which are a type of peoples of various classes (Judges 9:7-15, Isa. 40:6-8) will not be 'hurt' or destroyed in great numbers. Also the people will not be immediately hurt, in their own thinking, because they will not be able to see the ultimate consequences of coming under the influence of these evil spirits. For the people will be deceived, believing a lie instead of the truth (II Thess. 2:10-11). They will be­lieve that the doctrines of devils being taught them through a perverted clergy and church systems, and the so-called new liberties which they are experiencing In godless pleasure-living, are to their benefit, and are a part of the glorious new way of life which man is achieving. Thus the goal of the Satanic spirits is to enmesh the inhabitants of the world in delusion; a sort of intoxication of pleasure-madness and libertine conduct which gives vent to perverted desires and ways. Thus, in the minds of the people, what they are ex­periencing is not to them a 'hurt' but rather a new-found way of life. It is only what this delusion eventuates in that will bring to an abrupt end the pleasure-mad ways of the people. This is symbolized by the scourge of the locust and the sting of the scorpion. (9:3). People will be tormented, as by a scorpion's sting, not because they love righteousness and deplore the wickedness which is coming on the earth, but because the conditions in the world will become so desperate and critical that they will not be able to give full vent to their pleasure-seeking ways and their covetous de­sires. Thus they will want to escape, not from the wicked delusions of the times, but from the chaotic conditions which will be the inevitable result of unbridled license and lawless living.


The evil spirits will not be able to touch those who have the seal of the living God on their foreheads (9:4). For I will protect my own that they be not subverted by the devices of the enemy. But they shall 'hurt' certain men who do not have this seal of protection. (9:4). This is because these certain men are being prepared to precipitate the na­tions into war; they are men in high positions whose minds have been completely taken captive by the power of Satan. Through these men shall the evil spirits eventually be able to hurt the masses through destructive warfare (9:10). This is evident in the fact that the evil spirits are seen as both locusts and as horses prepared to battle. (9:7). The locust was always one of the most terrible of the scourges on the nations of ancient times, bringing great devastation; and the horse has always been a symbol of the power to war. So even though the evil spirits do not immediately 'hurt’' the masses of people, but bring them into delusive intoxication unto pleasure-seeking, the people will eventually feel the impact of the 'hurt' which is precipitated by evil men in high places, who are used by these same spirits to prepare the in­toxicated people for slaughter. Conditions on earth will get so desperate that many people will seek escape through death, but because of the fear that has gripped them, even death shall flee away from them (9:6). Therefore, the torment which is inflicted by the scorpion's sting is primarily that of fear; a fear so great that men will even fear to take their own lives, even though they will wish that they were dead. This will come as a result of the chaotic conditions on the earth and the ugly specter of atomic war which will hang heavily over the inhabitants of the earth.


After the men in high places have been thoroughly prepared by their subverted ambitions for world conquest, then shall the horse, or war aspect, of the symbolism fulfill unto great destruction. Then shall they be 'crowned' to go forth unto battle (9:7), for the faces of the locusts are the faces of men (9:7); the very men who have been prepared to 'hurt' the inhabitants of the world by their mad conquest for power. The locusts which had faces of men, had also the hair of women and the teeth of lions (9:8). The hair indicates their complete captivity to their evil desires, for woman is a type of the soul which is the seat of desire; and the teeth of lions indicate their absolute determination to gnash and de­vour until they have completely conquered the world. Their breastplates of iron indicate that they shall not be turned back from their destructive designs but will persevere to the end (9:9). In that they make a sound with their wings as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle, it in­dicates that they shall engulf the world in destructive slaugh­ter. This shall the evil spirits do through those men who have not the seal of God on their foreheads, but whose minds are completely taken captive by Satanic devices. After the symbolism has progressed to that of horses prepared for battle, you will notice that it is given to the locusts to 'hurt' men for five months, whereas previously it was given to them to 'torment' for five months (9:5 & 9:10). The torment is primarily through fear of what might come, but the hurt is actual destruction in warfare. The five months in each case are not literal, but symbolic of the freedom of action allowed the evil spirits to subvert and lead to eventual conflict. Once the conflict unto the 'hurting' of the inhabitants of the earth has begun on a global scale, it will not let up until the consummation of all things and the return of the Lord In power and great glory.


At the close of the narrative concerning the fifth trum­pet, the scripture says that one woe is past and two are yet to come (9:12). This does not mean that the events visualized under the fifth trumpet have completely run their course. It means that the forces unleashed by the trumpets sounding are past recall; what is set in motion is as good as accom­plished; the results are inevitable. Along with the two woes yet to come, the fifth trumpet or first woe continues to mount in intensity until the end.


[the sixth trumpet]


Now look with me, says the Lord, at the sixth trumpet as recorded in the scriptures. The sixth and seventh trumpets are the only ones which have as yet not begun to blow. (Note by J. L. E.: This was true as of March 29, 1967 when this prophecy was received). But the time is short; for soon shall that which is described as taking place under the sixth trumpet begin to unfold. What is it, says the Lord? The sixth angel, which had the sixth trumpet, was instructed to loose the four angels bound in the great river Euphrates (9:14). Who are these four angels? They are the princes who are the unseen rulers of four nations in the general area of the Euphrates River. These nations were bound together by treaty in what is known as the 'Bagdad Pact.’ This treaty was formed in an attempt to create a buffer against the en­croachments of communism. But shortly shall that buffer be dissolved or loosed so that the nations in question will no longer seek to contain or hold back communist subversion and advance. They will instead eventually become a part of the communist combine. One or more will actually be a part of the ‘horns' of the beast. Thus the Influence of the Christian west, which was instrumental in causing those na­tions to be bound together in an anti-communist pact, will be destroyed in that area. This is the meaning of the state­ment that the four angels were loosed for to slay the third part of men (9:15). The 'slaying' here is not literal but sym­bolic; it indicates the complete elimination of the power of the two western Christian nations to keep the pact intact; the two being one third of the nations involved. After the four angels are loosed there is a period of ‘an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year' (9:15) before the third part of men are slain. It will take this amount of time after the breaking up of the pact for western influence to be destroyed and the nations to be absorbed into the communist camp.

[Ed. Note - The Baghdad Pact was also known as CENTO (Central Treaty Organization) formed in the 1950's similarly to NATO and SEATO. The four angels do not refer to all the nations in the alliance; only to the four Middle Eastern nations joined in it (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey). Great Britain was the fifth nation of the pact with the U.S. operating as an auxilliary support, thus involving a total of 6 nations. The break up of CENTO and the controlling influence of the U.S. and Great Britain prophesied here was amazingly fulfilled in 1979 through the Iranian revolution, more than a decade after the prophecy. The plotting of the exact 396 day time period in Rev. 9:15 is unclear, though it closely approximates the 444 days of the U.S hostage standoff during the Iranian revolution producing the humiliating removal of the United States from the region. As of the time of this editorial note (2009), the Communist aspect of the prophecy yet remains to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the hotbed of war that the region from Turkey to Pakistan has become since 1979--including the Iran-Iraq War and the two Gulf Wars (conspicuously led by none other than the U.S. and Great Britain) demonstrates the continued "loosing" effect of this ongoing trumpet in fulfillment of this word! By the time Communism re-emerges, these nations will be so weakened from war and revolution that it will be impossible for them to resist becoming absorbed into the Communist orbit.]  


Following this is a description of the army which is also prepared to be loosed to great destruction (9:16-19). This is that army which shall overflow, as the river Euphrates is wont to overflow. The number given is symbolic of the en­tire force of the communist empire in its quest to overrun the western influence in the Middle East and bring the entire area, including Palestine, under the banner of the hammer and sickle. Having gained the dominion of this area, the mighty hosts of the communist world will be emboldened to press further into other areas, and other nations will be over­run by these hordes which symbolically spill over the banks of the Euphrates River. In the vision, John saw the army as horses with riders, and the horses had heads of lions (9:17). This indicates first the power of propaganda and lies which shall be instrumental in overcoming the nations of the Middle East. Out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brim­stone (9:17). That which begins as lying propaganda and destroys the Christian Influence in the Middle East, will be followed by action in which armies will march forth to destroy. This is the fire and smoke and brimstone; symbolic of modern machines of warfare and their destructive fire-power. And as their power is in their mouth and in their tails, even as serpents (9:19), so does it indicate both their determina­tion and their power to poison by propaganda and then to kill to death those who stand in the way of their plan to exterminate the influence of Christianity from the face of the earth. Even the breastplates of the riders are seen as fire and jacinth and brimstone (9:17), indicating the deter­mination and destructive intent of those who are ready to plunge the world into chaos to gain their diabolical ends. But even after much destruction has been wrought in the earth by these forces, what is the result? Is it not written that the people repented not of the works of their hands: their idolatries and their wicked ways? (9:20-21). I say unto you that judgments alone will not turn the hearts of people to their God, but judgments coupled with a mighty moving of my Spirit will turn many to righteousness, and a great har­vest will be brought forth to me.


That which you have seen in the blowing of the six trumpets is indeed a dark picture, for these trumpets deal primarily with the outer conditions of the world, a world that has turned its back on God; therefore judgment is com­ing, But there is another picture, says the Lord. Is it not written that the Lord shall arise and shine on His people and that great glory shall be seen on them? (Isa. 60:1-2). This shall be in the midst of gross darkness, but the light of the glory of the Lord in His people shall be far greater than the darkness. Think not that there is darkness coming wherein no man can work. The darkness wherein no man could work effectively has already passed; now a NEW DAY is dawning. Therefore during the dark days that are ahead there shall be EXCEEDING GREAT LIGHT to those who are willing to believe and receive of the grace and glory of their God. The greatest work of harvesting into the Kingdom that the world has ever seen will be done even in the midst of the world's darkest hour. Think not that Pentecost is past! There is yet to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit far beyond any­thing the world has seen! It takes the 'latter rain' to bring the growing grain to maturity so that it can be harvested. THIS OUTPOURING WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE BLOWING OF THE SEVENTH TRUMPET!


[the preparatory message to the seventh trumpet]


But first a preparatory work is being done; even now as the other trumpets are sounding. You read about it in the tenth chapter of Revelation. A mighty angel is seen coming down from heaven with a rainbow on his head. This is none other than the angel or messenger of the seventh trum­pet. Before He blows the seventh trumpet He has a ministry to perform to His people, for the mighty messenger is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, coming in the power of His Spirit with an end-time message for those who have ears to hear. This is a preparation for that which is to be released at the blowing of the seventh trumpet. The blowing of the six preceding trumpets unleashed forces of judgment, for six is man's number; thus the trumpets, up to and including the sixth, deal with worldly or carnal events as they relate to the end-time judgments of God on rebellious man. But the blowing of the seventh trumpet brings the releasing of great spiritual power, for seven is the number of the church; and the true church of the living God shall be brought to the place, by the grace of the reigning Christ, where it will be able to receive an endowment with power such as the world has never seen. But first there is a preparatory ministry of the Messenger of the Covenant, even the Lord Jesus Himself, as He comes to visit His temple to cleanse and restore. This is the meaning of the little book which is held in the hand of the mighty messenger (10:2). The little book is open to give light and understanding; it is the revelation of the end-time purposes of the Lord for His church. It is even that which is now being made known by the apostles and prophets which He has chosen. And this revelation will continue to unfold until the seventh trumpet is ready to sound and the secret strategy of the Lord is ready to be enacted. For I say to you, my people, that which is to come to pass at the blowing of the seventh trumpet shall cause the final veil to be removed and the mystery of God concerning the church to be openly declared for all to see. Therefore hear and pre­pare, for the time is short; and much yet needs to be done in that spiritual body which I am preparing for this end-time.


You will note, says the Lord, that just before the seventh trumpet begins to sound, the mighty messenger lifts His hand to heaven and swears that there shall be a time of delay or waiting no longer (10:6), but that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel the mystery of God should be fin­ished. (10:7). Now let me tell you what this mystery is, for this is a part of the revelation of the little book in the hand of the mighty messenger.


There are many mysteries in the Word of God. They are not mysteries in the sense that they cannot be understood, but they are mysteries because they are kept secret in the counsels of your God until the time comes for them to be made known by revelation of the Spirit. For is it not written that 'the secret things belong to the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever’? (Deut. 29:29). In my infinite wisdom I know that men are ready to receive only small portions of truth at a time. Therefore I have hidden or veiled much truth in my Word through parables, dark sayings, types and symbols, lest man is illuminated before he is ready to accept the weight of responsibility that goes with understanding, and precipitate himself into judgment. For you see I am a merciful God, and I reveal only that which men are capable of receiving at a certain time, veiling the rest from his view, lest he stumble to his own hurt. Those who are ready to receive more, to them I give more understanding. This is why it was spoken by the Lord Jesus to His intimate followers, 'To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to them that are without, all these things are done in parables.' (Mark 4:11). Yes, veiled in parables, lest they see more than they are capable of bearing. Even so is it with the mys­tery of the church. To the apostle Paul was it given to unveil this mystery in its basic or fundamental aspects. But certain aspects have been left veiled until this end-time, because it was neither necessary nor expedient to reveal them before.


[the seventh trumpet]


I have already revealed much concerning my end-time purposes for the church, but there is yet one mighty event which must take place before the final veil can be removed. For when the seventh angel begins to sound (10:7) THEN shall I REMOVE BODILY 144,000 of the choicest saints (Rev. 14:1). THEN shall there be no more mystery; for my saints that re­main, as well as all those who believe in me, shall suddenly realize that they have been left to go through the tribula­tion. THEN shall they realize the truth of the household of the church being ‘broken through' (Luke 12:39) in the hour of the 'thief in the night,’ that the JEWELS might be removed. (Mal. 3:17). THEN shall the foolish virgins scurry to 'buy oil’, for the wise virgins, the 144,000 firstfruits, will have been received by the Bridegroom at the midnight hour. (Matt. 25:1-10). THEN shall Zion, the church of the living God, begin to travail, and for 50 days shall there be prayer day and night for a mighty revival. THEN shall Pentecost be fully fulfilled as I pour out my Spirit on all flesh (Joel 2:28-29). THEN shall my church go forth as a mighty army to preach the gospel of, the kingdom to all nations (Matt. 24:14).


Think not that I shall remove the choicest of saints that they may be taken off somewhere to do nothing. They shall be translated and receive their glorified bodies. Then they shall meet with the Lord in the upper stratosphere WHERE HE WILL HAVE RETURNED TO BEGIN HIS END-TIME PAROUSIA OR PRESENCE, unseen by human eyes. Then they shall be commissioned by the Lord and receive their assign­ments for the tribulation period. Almost immediately they shall begin to appear to the saints yet on earth to give them encouragement and instruction. Since they will be function­ing in their glorified bodies they will have the power to appear and disappear at will. They will continue to minister to the saints on earth during the entire tribulation period.


The ministry of these glorified saints on the earth dur­ing that time, plus the ministry of a small company who will have entered into IMMORTALITY IN PHYSICAL BODIES, will constitute the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD which all creation has been waiting for. (Rom. 8:19). My manifested sons in immortal glorified bodies, and my manifested sons in immortal physical bodies, will constitute a tower of strength and help to that great army of my saints who will be going forth to preach the gospel of the kingdom in all nations. For I will yet be glorified in the earth in and through a people who will preach with power and authority, accompanied by mighty signs and miracles. Thus by the manifestation of my sons, and by a mighty out-pouring of my Spirit on my church, I will get myself glory and bring a bounteous harvest into my Kingdom.


The seventh trumpet will continue to blow for 3-1/2 years, during which time the other trumpets will also con­summate their sounding. This will be the period of the great tribulation spoken of in the scriptures (Matt. 24:21). At the close of the tribulation the final blast of the seventh trumpet will sound (I Thess. 4:16) and the dead in Christ shall be raised; then the living saints shall be translated and ‘cau­ght up’ to be with the Lord (I Thess. 4:17). Having received His own the Lord will then return with all of His saints in power and great glory (Matt. 24:30). Then will the 'king­doms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his anointed; and he shall reign for the eons.' (Rev. 11:15).


My people, there is so much that I would share with you concerning that which is coming, for the little book that is open (Rev. 10:2) contains many secrets that are yet to be revealed before the seventh trumpet blows. Therefore hearken, and heed that which I speak to you, that your heart may be ready to receive more of my revelation for this hour in human history."


(End of prophecy.)


[from Prepare Ye the Way Vol. III - 1966]


"Where does the world stand now, says the Lord? Is there no one who can reveal that which the Lord would make known to His people concerning those events which are about to break upon the earth? Is there no one to proclaim that the time has come for the hosts of Satan to come swarming out of the pit where they have been confined? (Rev. 9:1-3). Do you not know that I have limited the activity of the nether world lest man would be corrupted beyond meas­ure? But do you not realize that I am now going to unleash the forces of the pit in order that man may be tested in a way that has never happened before? Even now the way is being prepared for the final stages of that which I have pur­posed to do. Even now I am making ready my heavenly armada to contend with the forces of Satan which are going to be allowed free access to mankind to bring about the final scenes of the age-long battle which has been raging since the time of the fall.


Where in my Word do you find a picture of this un­leashing of the Satanic hosts of wickedness which have been restrained heretofore? For I say, I have limited the number and activity of the evil spirits in times past lest my plan would be subverted. But I am now ready to allow the full number of Satan's legions to be given full reign on the earth to bring to pass the fullness of iniquity in this day. And much fear shall grip the inhabitants of the earth as they see the results of this unleashing. For out of the bottomless pit I will allow the hosts of the nether world to come and prey on the inhabitants of the earth. The wickedness of man shall become great as he succumbs to the subtleties of the enemy, and great shall be the perversions of truth and distortions of righteousness as the nether world makes its final impact on an unsuspecting and unreadied mankind.


Do you not read in my Word that when the fifth trumpet sounds the pit is opened and the invisible hosts of darkness are given freedom to attack the inhabitants of the earth? (Rev. 9:1-11). And do they not have a king over them who is called Abaddon? (Rev. 9:11), And is not this king a type of Satan who is leading the evil spirits in their warfare? And do you not read that the likeness of those creatures who were released was as the likeness of locusts? (Rev. 9:3). And do not locusts devastate everything in their path? And shall not the unleashing of these Satanic hosts bring a great scourge on mankind until there is nothing left of value? (from the strictly human perspective). I say to you, hear that which I speak to you, for even now is the fifth trumpet blowing, and even now the evil spirits are being released from the pit. They are being released gradually lest that which I purpose be precipitated too soon. And they shall continue to be released throughout the blowing of the fifth trumpet. For the number five is the number of liberty and freedom. Even so am I giving increased liberty to the forces of Satan to subvert the masses of the world that my plan shall reach its consummation in this time.


Now consider the effects of these tormenting spirits on the inhabitants of the earth. Does the scripture not say that they were tormented five months? (Rev. 9:5). And is this not again a picture of the liberty of access which the evil spirits shall have over a period of time? And does not the Word say that those tormented would seek death and not be able to find it? (Rev. 9:6). Is this not a picture of the great fear which shall grip the inhabitants of the earth, and is not their seeking death symbolic of their desiring to escape these thing but being unable to so? I say to you, death does not always mean a cessation of physical life, but rather an escape to a realm where the torments of life cannot reach. Even so shall many try to escape in this day from the tormenting effects of the activity of the evil spirits but shall not be able to find a place of hiding, for all the earth shall feel the impact of the unleashing of the Satanic hordes.


Hear my voice, my people. Do you think that you will escape the onslaught of these evil spirits? Do you think that you will be able to stand without my help? Therefore you must look to me and trust in me. You must spend much time seeking my face and studying my Word. For I will up­hold you only insofar as you trust me to do so, and as you reach out to receive my strength. For these are fearful times my people, and only those who look to me will be able to keep themselves from falling into the morass of wickedness and ungodliness which will engulf all mankind.


And now what further would I have you know concern­ing this day? It is even that the evil hordes of the nether world will whip the masses of the pagan lands into an orgy of bloodshed unprecedented inhuman history. For great shall be the slaughter of human lives as the masses rise up to clam­or for their rights and seek to take things into their own hands. And frenzied mobs will rule many lands and cause all who oppose them to be killed. And many shall perish in riots and revolutions as men seek to demand that which has been withheld from them. None shall be able to stop the surge of the masses as they rise up in this day. And great shall be the fear that shall grip the hearts of the people as they see the chaos and ruin that shall sweep across many lands.


Hear my word my people. Shall not these evil spirits prey on every human weakness and bring out every base instinct in the human race. For the lust and greed of man shall reach a degree to which it has never been before. Per­version shall be great in the earth as the spirits of the nether world torment men with unholy desires and cravings, and as they prod them into avarice and grasping, and as they stir their emotions to fever pitch with envy, hatred, malice and every other sinister feeling.


And now consider the fifth trumpet as it relates to suc­ceeding events. That which is unleashed under the fifth trumpet brings such a spirit of unrest in the earth as multitudes are tormented by every unholy desire and craving, and the resultant chaos will drive men to seek alliances with some kind of all powerful government which will be able to keep order and peace in the earth. Thus will the groundwork be laid for an all powerful government to emerge which will promise peace and security to all nations coming under its domination. And thus shall the beast powers of Revelation 13 emerge to control the inhabitants of the earth and to make them give allegiance to the god of materialistic force. For there shall be two beasts arise. The first has already had its inception in the Communistic combine of nations. The sec­ond is to emerge as a coalition of Communist and non-Com­munist nations who will seek to force a world socialist rule upon the nations, enforced by a world police force. They will try to make all men worship and bow down to that image which they will create, which is in actuality the image of the first beast or world socialism. Taking advantage of the chaos of the times, the second beast arises to clamp a world socialist dictatorship upon the nations of the earth, holding out before them the image of a planned order and economy which will provide peace and plenty for all.


Because of the desperation of the times, the people will be ready to receive this promise of Utopia and will re­ceive the mark of the beast in their foreheads and in their hands. And thus will they give mental assent to its image or idealism, believing a lie instead of the truth, and they will be forced to work for its realization by giving the power of their hand to it. After it is too late the nations shall find that they have surrendered their rights and their freedom for something that is but an illusion. But they will be hopeless­ly trapped in a web of their own making, and they will be unable to extricate themselves. For the beast powers will have the means of enforcing their rule upon all.


Only when conditions reach the point that the land of Palestine is threatened in such a way that world Jewry is alarmed will the yoke begin to be broken. When those wes­tern nations which have become a part of the coalition of the second beast find that their interests in the Middle East are being threatened, then shall world Jewry, into whose power the western nations have largely been delivered, be­gin to resist the advances of the first beast into the Middle East and Palestine. Then shall the coalition begin to break up, and the second beast will lose his power to make all men worship the image of the first beast. The nations will be di­vided, and conflict shall begin to rage as the western nations, led by the financial powers of world Jewry, begin to fight the communist invasion of Palestine. Then shall a spark of renewed patriotism begin to be fanned in the western nations, and the Spirit of God shall begin to quicken within the hearts of those who have seen the folly of the image of world so­cialism based on monolithic rule. The fires of revival which will be burning within the western nations of Christendom will begin to influence those in high places, and the will to resist will rise quickly. The means of stemming the tide of Communist expansion into Palestine will be quickly mustered, and the hearts of the people will be stirred as never before. The battle of the ages will be on. For is it not written that all nations will be gathered to Jerusalem to battle? (Zechariah 14:2). Even so shall Palestine be the match which will ignite the flame of conflagration that will envelop the whole world, and there shall be no let up until the final climax when the Lord Himself will be revealed in flaming fire. (II Thess. 1:7-8). Then shall all that which has been unleashed in Satanic fury reach its consummation and the battle of the ages find its completion. Then shall those hosts which have come from the bottomless pit return to their own realm to tor­ment no more until a thousand years of righteousness has made its impress on the inhabitants of the earth.


So my people, even now are the agencies of the pit beginning to multiply on the earth, and the die is cast for the inhabitants of the earth. None shall be able to stay the hand of the Almighty until the foment of evil has run its course and the fester of iniquity has finished its work. Then shall come deliverance from on high as the hosts of the Al­mighty come to put down the forces of Satan and cast them into the bottomless pit from whence they came.


And now consider the final picture of that which you read about in my Word. It is even that many months trans­pire while the forces of the nether world are carrying out their tormenting activities. Even so shall I move by my Spir­it during those many months to bring a revival and deliver­ance in the earth for those who hunger for their God. And mighty shall be the spiritual power which will be in the earth as my specially prepared servants go forth to confront the enemy with the power of their God. While the world is see­thing with unrest under the tormenting influence of Satan's hordes, those who turn to me shall find a great deliverance and a mighty victory in that day. Therefore rejoice that you can know the truth which will set you free from all fear, and give you great confidence and assurance for the days that are ahead. And now fret not [ ] because of that which has been revealed, for I am with you to keep you and to protect you from all harm, says the Lord."

(end of prophecy.)