"Where does the world stand now, says the Lord? Is there no one who can reveal that which the Lord would make known to His people concerning those events which are about to break upon the earth? Is there no one to proclaim that the time has come for the hosts of Satan to come swarming out of the pit where they have been confined? (Rev. 9:1-3). Do you not know that I have limited the activity of the nether world lest man would be corrupted beyond meas­ure? But do you not realize that I am now going to unleash the forces of the pit in order that man may be tested in a way that has never happened before? Even now the way is being prepared for the final stages of that which I have pur­posed to do. Even now I am making ready my heavenly armada to contend with the forces of Satan which are going to be allowed free access to mankind to bring about the final scenes of the age-long battle which has been raging since the time of the fall.


Where in my Word do you find a picture of this un­leashing of the Satanic hosts of wickedness which have been restrained heretofore? For I say, I have limited the number and activity of the evil spirits in times past lest my plan would be subverted. But I am now ready to allow the full number of Satan's legions to be given full reign on the earth to bring to pass the fullness of iniquity in this day. And much fear shall grip the inhabitants of the earth as they see the results of this unleashing. For out of the bottomless pit I will allow the hosts of the nether world to come and prey on the inhabitants of the earth. The wickedness of man shall become great as he succumbs to the subtleties of the enemy, and great shall be the perversions of truth and distortions of righteousness as the nether world makes its final impact on an unsuspecting and unreadied mankind.


Do you not read in my Word that when the fifth trumpet sounds the pit is opened and the invisible hosts of darkness are given freedom to attack the inhabitants of the earth? (Rev. 9:1-11). And do they not have a king over them who is called Abaddon? (Rev. 9:11), And is not this king a type of Satan who is leading the evil spirits in their warfare? And do you not read that the likeness of those creatures who were released was as the likeness of locusts? (Rev. 9:3). And do not locusts devastate everything in their path? And shall not the unleashing of these Satanic hosts bring a great scourge on mankind until there is nothing left of value? (from the strictly human perspective). I say to you, hear that which I speak to you, for even now is the fifth trumpet blowing, and even now the evil spirits are being released from the pit. They are being released gradually lest that which I purpose be precipitated too soon. And they shall continue to be released throughout the blowing of the fifth trumpet. For the number five is the number of liberty and freedom. Even so am I giving increased liberty to the forces of Satan to subvert the masses of the world that my plan shall reach its consummation in this time.


Now consider the effects of these tormenting spirits on the inhabitants of the earth. Does the scripture not say that they were tormented five months? (Rev. 9:5). And is this not again a picture of the liberty of access which the evil spirits shall have over a period of time? And does not the Word say that those tormented would seek death and not be able to find it? (Rev. 9:6). Is this not a picture of the great fear which shall grip the inhabitants of the earth, and is not their seeking death symbolic of their desiring to escape these thing but being unable to so? I say to you, death does not always mean a cessation of physical life, but rather an escape to a realm where the torments of life cannot reach. Even so shall many try to escape in this day from the tormenting effects of the activity of the evil spirits but shall not be able to find a place of hiding, for all the earth shall feel the impact of the unleashing of the Satanic hordes.  


Hear my voice, my people. Do you think that you will escape the onslaught of these evil spirits? Do you think that you will be able to stand without my help? Therefore you must look to me and trust in me. You must spend much time seeking my face and studying my Word. For I will up­hold you only insofar as you trust me to do so, and as you reach out to receive my strength. For these are fearful times my people, and only those who look to me will be able to keep themselves from falling into the morass of wickedness and ungodliness which will engulf all mankind.


And now what further would I have you know concern­ing this day? It is even that the evil hordes of the nether world will whip the masses of the pagan lands into an orgy of bloodshed unprecedented inhuman history. For great shall be the slaughter of human lives as the masses rise up to clam­or for their rights and seek to take things into their own hands. And frenzied mobs will rule many lands and cause all who oppose them to be killed. And many shall perish in riots and revolutions as men seek to demand that which has been withheld from them. None shall be able to stop the surge of the masses as they rise up in this day. And great shall be the fear that shall grip the hearts of the people as they see the chaos and ruin that shall sweep across many lands.


Hear my word my people. Shall not these evil spirits prey on every human weakness and bring out every base instinct in the human race. For the lust and greed of man shall reach a degree to which it has never been before. Per­version shall be great in the earth as the spirits of the nether world torment men with unholy desires and cravings, and as they prod them into avarice and grasping, and as they stir their emotions to fever pitch with envy, hatred, malice and every other sinister feeling.


And now consider the fifth trumpet as it relates to suc­ceeding events. That which is unleashed under the fifth trumpet brings such a spirit of unrest in the earth as multitudes are tormented by every unholy desire and craving, and the resultant chaos will drive men to seek alliances with some kind of all powerful government which will be able to keep order and peace in the earth. Thus will the groundwork be laid for an all powerful government to emerge which will promise peace and security to all nations coming under its domination. And thus shall the beast powers of Revelation 13 emerge to control the inhabitants of the earth and to make them give allegiance to the god of materialistic force. For there shall be two beasts arise. The first has already had its inception in the Communistic combine of nations. The sec­ond is to emerge as a coalition of Communist and non-Com­munist nations who will seek to force a world socialist rule upon the nations, enforced by a world police force. They will try to make all men worship and bow down to that image which they will create, which is in actuality the image of the first beast or world socialism. Taking advantage of the chaos of the times, the second beast arises to clamp a world socialist dictatorship upon the nations of the earth, holding out before them the image of a planned order and economy which will provide peace and plenty for all.


Because of the desperation of the times, the people will be ready to receive this promise of Utopia and will re­ceive the mark of the beast in their foreheads and in their hands. And thus will they give mental assent to its image or idealism, believing a lie instead of the truth, and they will be forced to work for its realization by giving the power of their hand to it. After it is too late the nations shall find that they have surrendered their rights and their freedom for something that is but an illusion. But they will be hopeless­ly trapped in a web of their own making, and they will be unable to extricate themselves. For the beast powers will have the means of enforcing their rule upon all.


Only when conditions reach the point that theland of Palestine is threatened in such a way that world Jewry is alarmed will the yoke begin to be broken. When those wes­tern nations which have become a part of the coalition of the second beast find that their interests in the Middle East are being threatened, then shall world Jewry, into whose power the western nations have largely been delivered, be­gin to resist the advances of the first beast into the Middle East and Palestine. Then shall the coalition begin to break up, and the second beast will lose his power to make all men worship the image of the first beast. The nations will be di­vided, and conflict shall begin to rage as the western nations, led by the financial powers of world Jewry, begin to fight the communist invasion of Palestine. Then shall a spark of renewed patriotism begin to be fanned in the western nations, and the Spirit of God shall begin to quicken within the hearts of those who have seen the folly of the image of world so­cialism based on monolithic rule. The fires of revival which will be burning within the western nations of Christendom will begin to influence those in high places, and the will to resist will rise quickly. The means of stemming the tide of Communist expansion into Palestine will be quickly mustered, and the hearts of the people will be stirred as never before. The battle of the ages will be on. For is it not written that all nations will be gathered to Jerusalem to battle? (Zechariah 14:2). Even so shall Palestine be the match which will ignite the flame of conflagration that will envelop the whole world, and there shall be no let up until the final climax when the Lord Himself will be revealed in flaming fire. (II Thess. 1:7-8). Then shall all that which has been unleashed in Satanic fury reach its consummation and the battle of the ages find its completion. Then shall those hosts which have come from the bottomless pit return to their own realm to tor­ment no more until a thousand years of righteousness has made its impress on the inhabitants of the earth.


So my people, even now are the agencies of the pit beginning to multiply on the earth, and the die is cast for the inhabitants of the earth. None shall be able to stay the hand of the Almighty until the foment of evil has run its course and the fester of iniquity has finished its work. Then shall come deliverance from on high as the hosts of the Al­mighty come to put down the forces of Satan and cast them into the bottomless pit from whence they came.


And now consider the final picture of that which you read about in my Word. It is even that many months trans­pire while the forces of the nether world are carrying out their tormenting activities. Even so shall I move by my Spir­it during those many months to bring a revival and deliver­ance in the earth for those who hunger for their God. And mighty shall be the spiritual power which will be in the earth as my specially prepared servants go forth to confront the enemy with the power of their God. While the world is see­thing with unrest under the tormenting influence of Satan's hordes, those who turn to me shall find a great deliverance and a mighty victory in that day. Therefore rejoice that you can know the truth which will set you free from all fear, and give you great confidence and assurance for the days that are ahead. And now fret not [ ] because of that which has been revealed, for I am with you to keep you and to protect you from all harm, says the Lord."

(end of prophecy.)