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First Love Ministry is the spiritual teaching arm of Anglemar Fellowship—an expression of prophetic Christian faith committed to spreading the Divine Authority of Worship, Prophetic Instruction and Christian Life Alternatives—with a special heart toward the New England and Canadian Maritime regions of North America.

The highest desire of our ministry is to see every Christian believer perfected in First Love for the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of prophetic instruction. We believe that First Love established and maintained at the center of life causes all else to finally fall into proper perspective.

This ministry is specially dedicated to an understanding of Divine Love that represents the complete nature of God as revealed through the entirety of the Christian Scriptures--an experiential love grounded in obedience to redemptive truth.  We believe that overcoming in love to recognize, reconcile, engage and embrace the numerous "dualities" demonstrated in God's nature can resolve much of the dissension in the Body of Christ. "Truth reconciliation" is therefore a most prominent feature of this ministry. 

First Love Ministry was originally begun to help prophetically sensitive believers struggling outside the camp of organized Christianity preserve and fulfil their unique calling into Christ's perfected love in course of searching for God's greater purposes for the end-times church. Today, the ministry presents foundational teaching that speaks to believers inside and outside the prophetic mainstream.    

At this website you'll uncover a library of prophetic articles and treatises sprouting from one man's 45 year search for fresh, workable, unchanging truth as we enter the third millennium—truth to help you fulfill your personal destiny and obtain full inheritance in Christ. These teachings yearn to offer a greater, re-centered grasp of God's nature and purposes for boosting us toward rendezvous with Immortality by the transforming power of our Living Lord Jesus Christ.

In pressing for greater understanding, First Love Ministry strives to build on a comprehensive scriptural foundation together with all scripturally-supportable revelation brought to expression the last 500 years of church restoration. As this site is developed, you will find posted here writings and audio messages by other past and contemporary prophetic writers, as well as links to websites whose witness to truth is similar to my own.

Key Themes

The key burdens and recurring themes of this ministry include:

  1. Understanding and balancing the prophetic nature
  2. Distinguishing between the Living Word of God and the passing forms that clothe it
  3. Offering extended prophetic meanings of scripture for our times while remaining true to original author intent
  4. Reconciling the natures of God's Will and Passion (the "mystery of spiritual gender")
  5. Bridging and correcting the divide between the wilderness prophetic and mainstream prophetic church
  6. Growing into both the convictional and experiential Love of God
  7. Relating the Spirit's anointings to His transformational ministry of sanctification
  8. Differentiating between legalism and discipline-under-grace
  9. Understanding our position between eternity and time
  10. Developing comprehensive wholistic concepts of the end times
  11. Purifying our identity against and exposing prophetic seduction by cultural identities of the world
  12. Integrating our call to worship with our call to action
  13. Resolving the meaning of "the kingdom" in light of these end times
  14. Contesting false revelational teachings based on partial views of God
  15. Discerning the modes, seasons, progressions and limits of spiritual truth
  16. Understanding and properly relating the identities of Eternal and mortal Israel 
  17. Building bridges to immortality

The teachings presented at this site reveal an interlocking web of truth that echoes with these and other themes. This interlock is not planned, but testifies to the wholeness of what the Lord is saying under the Spirit's direction. If you hunger and thirst to better know God over these issues, this website is for you!

Sharing a Discovery in the Truth

This ministry is mindful that our discovery of the Lord's fullness remains unfinished. Though the teaching here represents several decades of careful waiting and tested conviction under the Spirit's guidance, it can't claim absolute infallibility of understanding. As Paul says, "We know in part." This is especially so as we near the time when eternal reality swallows up temporal knowledge. So this teacher desires the flexible spirit of the learner in his approach to truth, not the spirit of the one who "has arrived."

Nevertheless, to the degree we have received solid foundational conviction, I contend straightforwardly and unapologetically for what has been committed to us. Believing the Scriptures to be God's unalterable reference point for our common knowing of the truth in Christ, First Love Ministry particularly rejects all "revelatory teaching" that trashes the plain meaning and intent of the first apostles, that disregards the presiding spirit, context and direction of the Scriptures as a whole, or that tampers with orthodoxy pertaining to the person of Christ and nature of the Godhead as settled by the councils of the early church.

For a more in-depth digest of my most distinctive and provocative teachings, you may click here.


Standards for Dialogue

In light of this, I trust that my true spirit will be clear to you. As well, I evaluate carefully the spirit behind all who dialogue with me, seeking to discern between the earnest fellow-learner and the prejudiced debater. My covenant with you, the reader, is to be as helpful as possible in uncovering and understanding together all the truth necessary for completing our journey to physical eternal life through perfected love.

A friendly word of caution: The teachings at this website are not intended for all people at all times, but for those whose hearts are readied by the Spirit of God to receive them. With this in mind, please note:

  • I do not engage in slander, debate or other "strife about words to no profit."
  • I do not respond to empty personal criticisms or doctrinal criticisms that show no sincere effort to engage and appreciate what is written here.
  • I do not respond to unsolicited prophetic diatribes, third party prophetic forwards, or generally to any unsigned emails.
  • do enter into selective discussion and cross-revelational comparison with respectful earnest seekers of truth as the Lord allows, but extended discussion is reserved only for members of the Readers Circle.
  • For a more complete discussion of my standards for dialogue, please see my Guide for Fruitful Dialogue.

Inside these bounds, I welcome your comments and questions at littleflock@netzero.net.

A Personal Invitation

After perusing this site, if you find a significant resonance with what you read, and would be interested in receiving teachings directly from this pen as they come out, I invite you to consider joining the First Love Readers Circle.

if in time you find that this ministry provides you with substantial guidance for discovering, implementing and maintaining your life call in the Lord, and the Lord has blessed you with an abundant stewardship of His resources, be further invited to enter into a private sharing of your abundance in support of this priestly ministry.        

As you turn to these writings then, please be blessed, strengthened and, where need be, challenged to change direction in thinking so that you may stand fully confirmed and approved by the Lord at the Last Day! 

Many Blessings in Christ!

A fellow pilgrim,

Chris Anderson
Anglemar Fellowship

New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island


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