One of the great challenges of the prophetic wilderness experience is the overcoming of spiritual rejection. It is after all usually because we have been rejected for our gift and calling by the mainstream church that we find ourselves in the wilderness. But if we own our rejection and never overcome it, we will never find true fellowship anywhere. This is because through ownership of rejection, we make subconcious plans to set ourselves up to be rejected before we enter any new spiritual relationship, and so fulfil our own negative "prophecy."

There are diferent stages on the road to being made whole from rejection. Some stages come before one is ready for new fellowship and others come through fellowship. It is not uncommon for rejected wilderness wanderers to approach the Readers Circle for fellowship who are not yet sufficiently healed from past rejections to engage true fellowship. They approach not from a sincere ready desire for fellowship, but from a hidden motive to "test" the ministry by setting up a secret litmus test for their acceptance, presenting themselves in a way that invites them to be refused admission to the Circle, and which then justifies their continued ownership of their rejection and judgment against the "unspirituality" of this ministry "like all the rest."

If you have had a significant issue with spiritual rejection to the point where you have yet to find any successful new spiritual fellowship, please seek the Lord about your true state of readiness for fellowship before approaching the Readers Circle. For additional discussion of this, please read the parable Too Wounded to Be Healed.



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Page updated December 6, 2010