This is a special welcome and advisory to women readers of First Love Ministry.

You form the hidden spiritual vanguard of the body of Christ and hold a special place in the Lord's heart for displaying His character and image. Though not oft found in the most visible leading roles, you carry great frontline authority with God beyond the veil. You are also oft far more attracted and responsive to spiritual truth than men. As a result, like most ministries, the majority of First Love Readers Circle members are women.

While the Spirit knows "neither male nor female" in access to salvation and gifting, the Father has yet instituted a "creational order" between our mortal genders in which He has willed to show the holy subjection of His own passions (reflected by femininity) to His sovereign will (reflected by masculinity). This is particularly seen by His ordained subjection of wives to husbands in the family, as well as by His usual--though not exlusive--appointment of men to serve in the most visible authority roles of the church.

As is well known, the first Corrupter of Will and Passion is intent on perverting the spiritual relationships of women and men. One way he does this is to abuse the truth of spiritual equality to exploit the mutual prophetic sensitivities of spiritually-minded women and men to create illegitimate emotional and even physical relationships that violate Father's divine order. As the lead teacher of First Love Ministry who corresponds with many spiritually "brilliant" women, I have a responsibility to protect and defend the Divine Order on both sides of the internet firewall. In keeping with this, I must limit the length and degree of personal correspondence into which I enter with women readers. 

Women on this Circle come from a wide scope of family and church backgrounds: single women, married women, divorced women, widows---both inside and outside churches with established authorities. Among married women are those "equally yoked" in good spiritual relationships with husbands, and others "unequally yoked" in relationship with spiritually dull, less mature or even unsaved husbands. With this in view, and to preserve divine integrity in whatever relationship you find yourself, I simply request the following:

1) for all unmarried women Circle readers to agree in heart to not allow correspondence with me to remove you from pure single devotion to the Lord, or to become a cause for disrespecting any pastoral authority you may be submitted to; and

2) for all married women Circle readers to agree in heart to not allow correspondence with me to undermine your relationship with your husband or to correspond with me against his expressed wishes. If any are yoked to like-minded husbands, I also ask you to encourage them to write me as well. 

If you ask to join the Circle, I will assume you have made this agreement within yourself. I will not ask you about it.      

Thank you for your understanding. It is for everyone's protection. :)



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Page updated February 6, 2012