All or part of the material in this booklet (depending on which "title" you are reading) is written in the form of "prophecy" from the Lord. Lest there be any misunderstanding, I want to make it clear that "prophecy," as one of the "gifts" or manifestations of the Spirit as listed in I Cor. 12:7-11, for the edification of the New Testament Church, does not operate in exactly the same way as the "prophecy" that we read in the Old Testament, when God spoke through certain chosen men called prophets. Under the law as recorded in what we call the Old Testament, God was formu­lating His absolute and infallible Word of truth: that which was later gathered together in written form in what we call "Scrip­ture." Such scripture also now includes the words of the great­est prophet of all, the very Son of the Highest, while incarnated in human flesh, Jesus of Nazareth.

Neither can we consider this spiritual "gift" or manifestation of the Spirit given to the church in the same category as the spirit­ual "revelation" gifts given to especially chosen apostles of the Lord, such as Paul, whereby he declared that "by revelation" cer­tain truths were made known to him (see Gal. 1:12), according, as he declares, by a special "stewardship of God's grace that was entrusted to me" (Ephes. 3:2, Amplified Version).


The "gift" or manifestation of "prophecy" as explained by Paul in I Cor. 12 & 14, is an operation of the Spirit whereby the Lord may use a vessel in His spiritual Body to speak directly to His people. But Paul makes it clear that what is spoken (and/or written) under such a "prophetic anointing" is to be "judged" (I Cor. 14:29), which means that this "gift," or any of the other "gifts" mentioned in I Cor. 12, which the Holy Spirit might manifest through human vessels for the edification of the Body are not infallible in their operation. This is because under "grace" (in contrast to "law"), God allows more "latitude" (for learning and growth of the vessels used). He "imparts" by the Holy Spirit, through a ves­sel of His choosing, but he does not "overwhelm" or "take control" of the vessel in such a way that the individual's own faculties of mind, perception, yieldedness, will, and emotions are "blotted out." Thus it is possible that some of the fallibility of the vessel might get mixed in with the manifestation of the gift.  Thus the need for "judgment" by others mature enough to "discern."

I believe what has been channeled through me by the Lord has stood the test of many years, attested to by thousands who have written and expressed their confirmation, among whom have been a number of mature and known Ministers of the Lord.

You may disagree with some of what is written simply be­cause of what you have been taught in the past. That, however, may not be accurate "judgment," because you may have been wrongly taught. You must determine to read with an "open heart," asking the Lord, through His Holy Spirit, to confirm what is truth to you. This will, no doubt, take more than one reading. What I have written is "meat" that must be "chewed on" (prayerful med­itation) over a period of time. I have had many who have writ­ten and testified that when they first read some of the literature, they simply were not ready, or for some other reason did not "ful­ly grasp" what was written. Yet, at a later time they picked up and read the same material and were absolutely "thrilled" at what the Holy Spirit revealed to them.

So I would encourage you to read more than once, over a per­iod of time, to get the most out of these writings, whatever error, if any, might have "filtered in" because of this vessel's fallibili­ty, I believe to be of minor significance, and would not affect the over-all content of truth given in these writings. However, you are responsible before God to study and prayerfully meditate, along with the Word of God, that you might fulfill Jesus' admonition in Luke 12:57: "yes, and why even of yourselves do you not judge what is right." (see also Acts 17:11). May HIS abundant grace be with you!                                               


Leland Earls