New Testament Testimony to

Unreconciled Enmity, Judgment, Terminality of Existence


Salvation’s Separational Selectivity and Proving for Durability



This exhaustive “sketch” of references reveals at a glance the forest-wide record of never closed universal enmity and the separational selectivity of effectually saving reconciliation. Chapter numbers are underlined except for parenthetical sub-references. References connected to judgment, wrath and other violent enmity markers are highlighted in red. References to earthly deeds remain marked in blue.


Exemplified by Jesus:


Mt. 5:13(trampled salt Mk. 9:49-50; Lk. 14:34-35); 10:15(judgment Mk 6:11), 22(endurance), 28(fear Lk. 12:5), 33(He will deny), 39(lose life); 11:22,24(judgment); 12:32(no forgiveness age to come Mk 3:29), 36,41-42(judgment Lk. 11:31-32), 45(last state Lk. 11:26); 13:19-22(dead seeds Mk. 4:15-19; Lk. 8:12-14), 47-50(fish thrown away); 16:25-26(lose life Mk. 8:35-36), 27(deed repayment); 15:13(uprooted); 18:8-9([adulterous] body parts Mk. 9:43-48), 6-14(millstone Mk. 9:42-48; Lk. 17:2); 23-35(no forgiveness); 21:19 (fruitlessness cursed Mk. 11:13-14,21), 41(wretched end Mk.12:9; Lk. 10:16), 44(crushed to dust Lk. 20:18); 22:7(enraged destruction/burning), 44(vanquishment Mk. 12:36; Lk. 20:42-43); 23:13(kingdom shutout), 15(son of hell), 32-33(fill up measure to hell); 24:13(endurance Mk. 13:13; Lk. 21:19); 25:41,46(devil fire punishment); 26:24(better not born Mk. 14:21);


Mk. 3:26(satan finished); 12:40 (greater damnation Lk. 20:47); 16:16(disbeliever condemned);


Lk. 10:13-15(judgment); 12:9(denied), 20(soul required), 46(cut asunder); 13:3,5(perish), 7,9(cut down), 24(denied salvation entrance), 25(shut door, denied knowledge), 27(depart evil ones), 28(thrown out); 15:4-10(limited repentance expectation); 16:19-31(rich man in hell); 17:27,29(destroyed), 33(lose life); 18:17(entrance denied “at all”);  19:12(slay enemies);


Jn. 3:16-18(perishing condemnation), 19 (deeds); 5:21-22,24,27,29-30(resurrection via / of judgment); 8:16(judgment), 21,24(die in sin), 31(if you continue); 12:25(lose life), 31(judgmentgJn 16:8,11), 48(judgment); 15:2,6(branches into fire), 19-25(out of hating world); 16:8-11(judgment); 17:9(world excluded), 12(Judas perishes), 14(hating world), 16(world excluded); 18:37(the truthful hear); 19:11(greater sin); 20:23(sins retained)


Exemplified by the Apostles:


Ac. 1:16-20(desolation of Judas); 2:20-21(Day of the Lord), 35(footstool), 39(as many as called), 40(from perverse generation); 3:23(destroyed); 4:25-29(against the rulers); 5:4-5,9-10(Ananias and Saphirra killed), 28-32(blood-judgment); 10:42(judge); 12:23(Herod stricken with worms); 13:9-11(Elymas cursed), 2141,46(salvation/perish); 17:30-31(judgment); 18:6(blood-judgment); 20:21,24g26(blood-judgment), 29-31(wolves), 32(separated); 24:15-16,25(Felix, resurrection to judgment)

Exemplified in the Epistles:


Rom. 1:1832(standing wrath); 2:1-6,8-9,12,16(judgment); 3:5-7(wrath judgment), 10-18(,23universal enmity), 19(judgment);  5:17 6:2-3,512-138:1,4,9-13,17(conditionality of reception unto resurrection)27-30,33(upon set apart election); 9:6-12,15-18,23-26 (by selectively exceptional inheritance by promise), 13(hated), 17,22(selective wrath), 27-29(remnant), 33(offense); 10:6-10,18(terrestrial faith); 11:4-5,11-16,23-29,31(elect from disobedience); 13:2,4(terminal wrath); 14:9-12(judgment); 16:20(crush satan);


I Cor. 1:18(perishing), 24-28(called); 6:9-10(no inheritance); 10:9-10(destroyed); 11:32(wicked condemned); 15:2(conditional endurability), 23(selectivity), 24-28(abolition of enemies); 16:22(accursed);


II Cor. 2:15-16(savor of death); 4:3-4(veiled perishing); 5:10-11(judgment/terror), 15,17(they who live); 6:1(vain grace),14-7:1(separation), 10(salvation v. death); 11:15(deeds/end); 13:5-7(test);


Gal. 1:8-9(accursed), 15(election); 3:6-4:31(exclusive seed); 5:19-21(no inheritance), 24(exclusive belonging); 6:7-8(life v. corruption);


Eph. 1:14-5(election); 2:1-5(separation from children wrath), 12(no hope); 4:17-20(separation from Gentiles); 5:5-6(no inheritance/wrath); 6:12-13(struggle);


Php. 1:28(destruction); 2:15(perverse generation); 3:2(dogs/evil workers)19(end is destruction);


Col. 1:12(qualified inheritance), 20(heaven & earth reconciled only), 22-23(enduring faith); 2:15(triumph over enemies); 3:6(deeds/wrath), 12(elect);


I Th. 1:10; 2:16; 5:39 (wrath);


II Th. 1:5-9(vengeance/age-enduring judgment)10(opposite faith); 2:8-12(man of sin slaingdelusion judgment on the perishing), 13-14(election);


I Tim. 4:2(seared); 5:24(judgment); 6:9(destruction);


II Tim. 2:10(chosen), 12(conditionality/denial); 3:7(never to come to truth), 8(rejected), 9(no more progress); 4:14-15(vengeance);


Tit. 1:1(election), 10-16(rebels); 2:14(a possession); 3:7(heirs),8,14(deeds);


Heb. 1:12(endless years), 14(inheritance); 2:1-3(judgment), 10-17(brotherhood delimited/angels not helped); 3:6-19(conditional house / endurability/ wrath/ disobedient generation); 4:1-7(fear/disobedience/remnant), 11(endurance); 5:9 (obedience); 6:2(judgment); 4-6(irreparable apostasy), 8(ends burned); 9:15(inheritance), 27(judgment); 10:12-13(subjection of enemies), 26-31(terminal judgment/vengeance), 35-36(conditional promise), 38-39(soul destruction); 11:7(faith condemns),16(faith separationally exclusive), 17(enduring in promise), 18(exclusive seed), 27(endured), 31(perish); 12:1,7(endurance), 8(illegitimate children), 16-17(sold birthright/Esau without repentance), 23(the Judge), 25(no escape for apostates), 29(consuming fire); 13:4(judge),


Jas. 1:4-5,12 (endure), 11(rich destroyed), 18(Father’s will); 2:5(chosen heirs), 12-13(judgment), 14-26(conditional works); 3:1(judgment), 6(tongue evil from hell); 4:4(separation from world/enmity), 12(judge/destroy); 5:1-3(rich to be burned), 10-11(endure),12(judgment), 20(save from death);


I Pt. 1:1-2(elect), 4(inheritance), 7(proven), 14(obedience), 17(judge); 2:7-8(appointed doom), 9(elect holy race); 3:12(against evil doers); 4:5(judged), 17-18(judgment/ hardly saved);


II Pt. 1:10(election); 2:1,3(judgment before existence), 4,9(reserved to judgment), 5-6(fate of Flood and Sodom), 6,14(condemned cursed), 12(destroyed), 17(black darkness), 20(last state worse); 3:7-14(judgment destruction);


I Jn. 3:10-12 (children of devil, Cain); 4:1g4-5(antichrists overcome);


II Jn. 7-11(deceivers);


Jude 4(condemnation), 5(destroyed), 6-7(eternal bonds under judgment), 10(destroyed as animals), 11(Cain, Balaam, Korah), 12(doubly dead), 13(black darkness), 15(judgment), 18(mockers), 21-23(select advance mercy).


Exemplified in the Book of Revelation:


Rev. 2:2,6,9(evil doers), 10(faith before death), 14-16(19:21)(war against false prophets), 20-23(Jezebel /judgment), 26-27(hard lordship); 3:15(book erase), 9(synagogue of satan forced subjugation), 16(spit out), 19(discipline); 6:4(men slay one another), 8(death, Hades kill), 10(cry for judgment), 16-17(wrathful day); 7:39:4(seal of God); 8:5-9:21(judgments); 8:10(men killed); 9:11(destroyer), 15,18(mankind killed), 19-21(unreconciled unrepentant); 11:2(trampling), 5-6(fiery execution),12-13(enemies killed yielding praise), 17(wrath/judgment/destruction); 12:7-17(war against satan); 13:5-7(blasphemy/war), 8(predestined book of life), 10(perseverance); 14:1(seal of God), 3-4(select redemption), 7(gospel of judgment), 10(wrath), 11(ages torment), 12(perseverance); 13(deeds), 14-20(opposite harvests)15:2-4 / 1,6-8(saved v. wrath), 3-4(forced worship); 16:1-21wrath judgment), 9,11,21(unreconciled unrepentant); 17:8,11(beast destruction), 14(Lamb’s war); 18:4(separation), 6-8(vengeance on Babylon); 19:1-4(rejoicing vengeance), 11-21(war against beast), 2020:10(permanent fire torment); 20:9(fire upon armies), 11-13(deed judgment), 14-15(Lake of Fire); 21:827; 22:15(Lake of Fire), 11(enmity cemented), 18-19(destructive enmity threatened).


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