[the seventh seal]


Immediately after the opening of the seventh seal, 'there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.' (Rev. 8:1). The 'silence' would indicate an inac­tivity with regard to certain things, or a 'holding' of action. Keep in mind that the seventh seal does not follow the com­pletion of the sixth seal. It is opened shortly after the sixth seal is opened, as are all of the seals opened in rapid suc­cession over a short period of time. But the various effects of that which is unleashed or described under each seal con­tinues until the end. Thus there is an overlapping of the seals. The 'silence in heaven' which comes after the seventh seal is opened is the direct result of the 'hold' order given to the angels in charge of the four winds of the earth. (Rev. 7:1). In other words the 'silence' indicates an abeyance in the complete fulfillment of the 'day of wrath' through atomic destruction. The purpose is to give an added period of time to prepare and seal a minimum number of the servants of God. It is during this period of 'hold action' or 'silence' with re­gard to full atomic wrath, that the seven warning trumpets of judgment blow, portraying events that are leading up to the final wrath. This is why there is a 'pick up' just before the first warning trumpet blows, of that which is portrayed as being unleashed under the sixth seal. It is recorded that an angel filled a censer with fire from off the heavenly altar and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.' (Rev. 8:5). The 'earthquake' which comes after fire is cast on the earth, is the same as the atomic 'earthquake' described under the sixth seal. (Rev. 6:12). Then again, fire is cast upon the earth as the first warning trumpet blows. (Rev. 8:7). Although full wrath is delayed for a time, the first trumpet blasts its warning that the discovery of atomic power and its incorpora­tion into destructive weapons will eventually affect all the inhabitants of the earth (the green grass) and completely destroy one third of the earth's inhabitants and nations (trees). (Rev. 8:7).


The seventh seal sees the blowing of the seven trumpets which carry through until the end. At the close of the sev­enth trumpet, the seven vials of wrath are poured out to pre­pare the way for the coming King. The 'day of wrath' is a necessary prelude to the answering of the prayer which Jesus taught His disciples to pray: Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.' (Matt. 6:10). This prayer has ascended from the lips of multiplied thousands, down through the present age. The acceptance of such prayers is portrayed in the very midst of, and as a part of, the heavenly episodes which prepare for judgment. Just before the seven trumpets begin their blasts of warning judgments, John sees an angel come and stand at the heavenly altar of incense having a golden censer; and there was given to him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints on the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand.' (Rev. 8:3-4). The angel ministering at the heavenly altar, adding the incense to the prayers of the saints, is representative of the high priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. In the symbolic picture, the angel adds the intercessory prayers (incense) of Him who 'ever lives to make intercession for them.' (Heb. 7:25). As a result of these prayers, the pre­liminary trumpet judgments are set in motion, preparing the way of the final vials of wrath.


When the earth is swept clean of its refuse, the way will be prepared for the full implementation of the Kingdom of light and love, ruled over by saints in glorious splendor, giving full allegiance to Him whose name is the Word of God (Rev. 19:13), and who bears the title 'KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.' (Rev. 19:16). Even so pray [ ] that the day will hasten, that your prayers may also ascend and fill the temple in heaven with sweet fragrance, and that your God may respond to give to His people rest from the oppressor, and a full and abundant entrance into His ever­lasting Kingdom.



[postscript and conclusion]


There is yet one more prophetic insight which I would give to you at this time. The black horse rider had a pair of balances in his hand, and a voice was heard to say, 'A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see you hurt not the oil and the wine.’ (Rev. 6:5-6). You were given to see the incipient fulfillment of this in Hitler's Germany. But in the final manifestation of the 'false prophet', who heads the beast of world govern­ment, there will be a more complete fulfillment. The 'bal­ances' portray the strict rationing which will be in effect throughout the world because of food shortages. Those na­tions which have more will be required to share with those which have little. Also pictured is the extreme inflationary economy of that day. The 'penny' mentioned is from the Greek denarius, which was a standard day's wage in the Roman era. The 'measure' is from the Greek ‘choenix,’ which was a dry measure of about a quart. Thus in the coming days of extreme world crises, inflated money and soaring prices will bring about conditions where a day's labor for many will mean little more than being able to provide a bare subsistence. But the inspired record adds the assurance, hurt not the oil and the wine.' Regardless of the difficult times; the strife, war, bloodshed, and privation; and also much persecu­tion of those who will not submit to the beast system; those who are fully mine will not be harmed. The 'oil' or 100 fold Christians, and the 'wine' or 60 fold Christians, will have my absolute protection. Only those whose commitment in­cludes the laying down of their lives for the sake of the gos­pel will suffer harm of any kind. And that only when their time arrives.  

Therefore fret not, my people, because of the evil doer and his way. For evil doers shall be cut down like the grass (Psalm 37:2), and shall be cast into the furnace of afflic­tion. (Matt. 6:30). But those who do my will shall abide for the eons. (I John 2:17). Forces unto judgment have been released which are beyond recall. Apocalyptic horsemen ride into the night. Martyrs many abide under the altar waiting. The earth quivers in orbit, anticipating release from sin’s displacement. Angels on every hand minister to heirs of sal­vation, sealing many for the Kingdom’s finest hour, making ready for the downpour from heaven, midst clash of arms and fiery blasts. Trumpets sound their ominous warning to sleep­ing multitudes, drunk in the stupor of sin's dark night. But watching virgins are arousing, trimming lamps at sound of Bridegrooms steps. Oh my people, watch ye, watch ye, for the hour is late. Make haste while there is yet time to pre­pare, that you be not found wanting in the age’s decisive hour. Hearken, for the Lord speaks to you; come into the cham­ber and abide with me."

[end of prophecy]