[the third seal]


When the third seal was opened, John was again in­vited to 'Come and see', symbolically denoting another geo­graphical area to behold. Then he saw a black horse and its rider who had a pair of balances in his hand. A voice then spoke saying, "A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see you hurt not the oil and the wine.' (Rev. 6:5-7). In the same period of time which saw the ascendancy of Mussolini and Stalin, another 'mad' dictator arose to plunge the nations into conflict, unleashing forces which have helped to pave the way for the final armageddon of nations. His name was Hitler. In the strict regimented social system of Hitler's Germany, black became the predominate emblem. The 'balances’ in the rider's hand, plus the reference to the measures' and their price, indicate the extent to which the economy was com­pletely controlled and the means of livelihood strictly ration­ed that all available resources might be channeled to muni­tions of war. This was even more so in occupied countries where strenuous toil made possible only bare subsistence, that the conquered nations might be made subservient to the Nazi war effort. There will be a more specific insight into the symbolism of these economic factors a little later.



[side commentary on first three horses]


Before considering the final horse and rider, let me show you the significance of the first three as they relate to the developing world scene, for in one form or another, the forces which were set in motion by the opening of the seals continue to the end. In relation to the gathering of the nations to Armageddon, it is written that there were 'three unclean spirits like frogs' which came 'out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.' (Rev. 16:13). These corre­spond to the first three horses and their riders. That which came out of the mouth of the dragon was Fascism (in close relation to an authoritarian church), that which came out of the mouth of the beast was Communism, and that which came out of the mouth of the false prophet was National Socialism (Nazism). Rome was the seat of the dragon, Moscow was the home of the beast, and Berlin the dwelling place of the false prophet. These are pictured as the spirits of devils' which go forth to gather the nations to the battle of the great day of God Almighty. (Rev. 16:14). Initially, as the seals were first opened, they were personified in Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler.


But note, says the Lord, a 'spirit,' or demon power, is not confined to a specific individual, but continues to work after he is removed from the scene. Therefore the same powers which were initially manifested in Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler, continue under modified forms and with varying degrees of influence. They continue to create that instabil­ity, power struggle, and ideological conflict, which shall eventually lead to all-out war. The tendency has been, ever since the end of World War II, for the dragon, or rightest fascism (as it has worked in close harmony with the authori­tarian Roman church in various countries) to give way to and be absorbed by the socialist and communist ideologies. This is portrayed in Rev. 13:2 by the fact that the dragon gives to the beast 'his power, and his seat, and great authority." Since Rome is the seat of the dragon, this means that Italy will go communist and be absorbed into the beast system. Likewise, other Catholic dominated countries will also be taken over by communist or socialist elements. Another de­velopment is that socialism and communism will tend to come closer together in their ideologies. This will continue until the communist, socialist and semi-socialist nations will unite together in a United Nations World Government. For a time the Roman Catholic church will work out an accommodation with communism’ and along with the apostate Protestant de­nominations, will give full support to the beast of World Government (the second beast of Rev. 13). But eventually the communist forces will turn on the church to destroy her. This is pictured by the ten horns (puppet nations) turning against the whore to desolate her. (Rev. 17; 16).


You can now see how, in the developmental process since World War II, that National Socialism, as it was prac­ticed under Hitler, with its one man tyranny and its super racism, has evolved in its implementation and methodology into an internationally orientated socialist statism within many countries. Yet it is still the same exalting of pater­nalistic, 'keeper' governments which rob men of their indi­vidual responsibility under God, and regulate the lives of all citizens in subservience to the tyranny of the self perpet­uating collectivist ruling elite. Thus the stage is being set for the final fulfillment of the 'false prophet" who will head up a coalition of socialist, semi-socialist, and communist nations in a United Nations world government. At first such a Utopian world government will appear very benign and lamb-like, (see Rev. 13:11). But in time its true nature will become apparent to many, for in actual practice it will merely be a 'front' for the beast of communism. This is seen in the fact that the second beast of Rev. 13 causes an 'image' of the first beast to 'live' for the inhabitants of the world to be subservient to. (13: 14-15). This is an ideological image of a planned and controlled economic and social system in every nation which is a part of the world government beast. Since it is an 'image' of the first beast (communism), it means that all nations will be forced to increasingly communize their economic and social systems under threat of destruction. The man who heads this world government of nations will be the final and complete fulfillment of the false prophet,’ of which Hitler was the crude prototype . 


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