[the eighth plague]


The storm of the seventh plague was followed by fur­ther devastation under the eighth plague. This was brought about by an invasion of locusts from the east. (Ex. 10:4, 13). Before the plague came, Pharaoh was warned and, at the advice of his servants, he was willing to relent and let the men of Israel go: but Moses insisted that all were to go, in­cluding their herds and flocks. Pharaoh then scoffingly re­fused. (Ex. 10:3-11). This shows that in the great day of battle which is coming, Satan will never cease trying to get the Christians to compromise in one way or another. Satanic-controlled forces in the dictatorial society of the beast em­pire will put every conceivable pressure upon Christians who refuse to conform and support their regime. But those who are determined to remain true to me shall gain the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name. (Rev. 15:2). I will protect and preserve them in that day, and they shall be completely delivered out of the Egypt of this world and ushered into the Kingdom prepared.


Pharaoh's refusal to let the people go was followed by the greatest invasion of locusts ever experienced in Egypt. (Ex. 10:13-15). The whole land was darkened by them and they completely devastated every green thing. Locusts are used symbolically in the scriptures to denote the invasion and destruction by armies. (Joel 1:4-7, Rev. 9:7). Since it was an east wind which brought the locusts, it would indicate vast hordes from the east marching against the west. This is simply a further phase of the great storm of conflict depict­ed under the seventh plague. The nations of the east, under the banner of the hammer and sickle, will move to conquer all who stand in their way of complete world domination. Many nations and areas of the world will be affected, but the most strategic area, as it affects the final phases of world conflict, will be the Middle East. This area will be almost completely overrun, and the onrushing tide will engulf much of Europe. But the die will not be cast to lethal annihila­tion through east-west conflict until the Middle East and Palestine are inflamed in war. The symbolic portrayal of these marching hordes from the east is described under the fifth and sixth trumpets of Revelation. (Rev. 9:1-21).


The result of this plague was an earnest entreaty by Pharaoh to Moses and Aaron, accompanied by a confession of sin and request for forgiveness. (Ex. 10:16-17). Although Pharaoh's heart was later hardened again, indicating Satan's continued hold on vast numbers of people, yet the symbolic action of his is significant at this point. For it shows that many people of the world, especially in the western nations, will earnestly seek for divine help as a result of the increas­ing threat of attack and Invasion from the armies of the east. The result of this earnest entreaty will be a quickening of my Spirit to further that revival which will already be sweep­ing through the world. Especially in the nations of the west, where Christian influence and training has been more thor­oughly ingrained In the mental fabric of the peoples, there will be a turning to the Lord as never before. This influ­ence will begin to reach into the higher echelons of leader­ship and government circles. Many shall begin to break loose from the Satanic delusions which have held them. They will see that further compromise with the beast of communism will mean certain suicide. For the first time in years a real desire and will to resist further communist advances will arise in those western nations which have been the strongholds of Protestant Christianity. By this time most Catholic countries will have been completely taken over by communist forces. The Vatican hierarchy will have fled to the North American continent. An awakened Christendom in those nations which still have a small measure of freedom will spur those in auth­ority to action. Coupled with this will be an awakening among the Jewish people. Many of them will have turned from their unbelief and accepted Jesus as their Messiah. Re­vival fires will be burning among them. Along with this religious revival will be the concern of most Jews for the nation of Israel, for Palestine will be threatened with com­plete desecration by communist hordes.


Thus will it be fulfilled according to the type, that ‘the Lord turned a mighty strong west wind, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red Sea.' (Ex. 10:19). This strong west wind is none other than the might of the western nations rising to strike down the communist forces. This will be possible only because of the wisdom and strategy which will be given to those in authority by my specially chosen servants of that day. Were it not for the ‘arm of the Lord’ arising to help those who will have cried to their God, there would be no hope of turning the tide of commu­nist conquest. But the Lord your God shall battle for His peo­ple in that day. The armies of Gog shall be utterly confound­ed as described in Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39. They shall be driven into a 'Red sea' of destruction. For truly I shall be exalted in that day, and all shall know that my mighty arm has worked deliverance for those who look to me. The turning back of the 'red' hordes will be accompanied by the beginnings of a short atomic holocaust as the Satanic-controlled leaders of the Kremlin try desperately to ward off certain defeat. Seeing their plans for world domination frus­trated, they will make one last effort to destroy the western nations by unleashing their atomic arsenal. This will be met by the mounting of the atomic armada of the west. There will be much destruction on both sides. But in my providence I will see that the Satan-inspired conspiracy of communism is completely crushed.


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