[the sixth plague]


Let us continue now, says the Lord, to behold the plagues which fell on Egypt, and let me reveal to you their latter-day counterpart. After Pharaoh hardened his heart again, refusing to let the people go, a sixth plague be­came necessary. It was on both man and animals, in the form of open sores breaking out. (Ex. 9:9). Moses was com­manded to take ashes from a furnace and sprinkle the fine particles toward heaven. This was done before, or in the presence of, Pharaoh. (Ex. 9:8-10). Now what does this mean says the Lord? Is not Satan, who is typified by Phar­aoh, the prince of the powers of the air? (Ephes. 2:2). So does this signify the power of Satan to cause men to unleash the fire-power of the atom which affects or pollutes the air. This is shown by the fact that the residue of that which had been burned by fire (ashes) was sprinkled into the air, thus symbolically contaminating the air. The result was the break­ing forth of sores on man and beast. Thus is portrayed the effects of radiation. By the time this plague begins to fall, men will have begun the increasing use of tactical atomic weapons in mounting warfare. The result will be the increas­ed pollution of the air and its effects on all living flesh; all, that is, except those who are especially protected by the mighty power of their God. These, like the ones pro­tected in the land of Goshen, will not feel the 'burning power’ of radiation-contaminated air.


The effect of this plague was to further harden the heart of Pharaoh. Even the frightening prospect of atomic pollution will not turn the nations from the mad pursuit of their own ends. In time the nations will be engaged in the final battle of the ages, symbolically termed 'Armageddon' in the book of Revelation. (Rev. 16:16). The plagues which follow will unfold very rapidly as the tempo of conflict in­creases. You will note also that the magicians of Egypt could not stand before Moses because they too were afflic­ted with the sores. (Ex. 9:11). This indicates that the ‘wise men' of the end time will not be able to controvert the fact that there are those, symbolized by Moses, who are not be­ing affected by the plague of radiation, but have a built-in immunity. For in that day the Moses-company will be the manifested sons who are no longer subject to death. All true Christians will also be protected, but they will not be nat­urally immune.


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