[the fifth vial]


Now you will notice, says the Lord, that the fifth angel pours his vial on the seat of the beast. As shown you in a previous prophecy, the fifth trumpet brought about the release of numerous hosts of Satan from the pit. A part of the activity of these spirits is to take captive the minds of certain men in high places who will be used to precipitate the world into titanic conflict. These men are primarily those who are behind the communist conspiracy to enslave the world under atheistic dictatorship. Thus the fifth vial brings retribution to the beast and his kingdom. (16:10). Especially shall those who have held out in stubborn support of the beast of communism and its image of world socialist government be the object of wrath from on high. The Lord your God shall providentially cause certain events to turn against the communist purveyors of anti-God society just when they think that they are going to succeed in their quest for world domination. For my Spirit will be working might­ily, especially in the Christian nations of the west, and mighty miracles will be performed, which will cause consterna­tion to enter the hearts of the world government forces. In the process of time a split will develop between the east and the west which will lead to inevitable conflict. All-out war will be the result. Men's minds will have been so completely taken captive by Satan that they will not turn back from a war in which there can be no decisive winner. But I will cause the tide of battle to be turned against the beast nations and they shall be caught in a web of their own making. Then shall the full fury of atomic destruction fall on them, as I cause those nations of the west who have extricated them­selves from the beast system, to use secret maneuvers that are made known to them through my special messengers. For truly I say to you, this turning back of the beast empire to complete destruction shall begin shortly before my saints are taken to me. Then shall it consummate in full fury as the vials of wrath are poured out following the lifting of my saints out of the world. Thus is it written that the kingdom of the beast 'was full of darkness; and they gnawed their ton­gues for pain.' (16:10). The darkness will be both literal and symbolic. Total power failures will bring much literal dark­ness, and the symbolic darkness will be the total despair coupled with anguish and intense suffering. Because of the bitter hatred and resentment which will arise in the hearts of those who had been completely sold out to their depraved ways, it is said that they 'blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds. (16:11).  


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